How To Connect Apple Music To Alexa?

Listen to Apple Music & podcasts anywhere you want with Alexa!

If you are a hardcore fanatic of the iOS system, you are more inclined to listen to Apple Music than other music apps. Also, if you are willing to get smart home technology in your daily life, you must know how to connect Apple Music to Alexa. You do not have to worry since there’s no connectivity barrier. This music platform allows you to connect to Alexa, though Amazon and Apple Music are TV streaming competitors!

Here’s how to connect Apple Music to Alexa if you want to groove to music anytime and anywhere in your home!

How To Link Apple Music To Alexa? (iOS & Android)

You must have the Alexa app on your device to connect Apple Music to Alexa. You can download this app from your App store or Play Store. The process for iOS and Android devices is the same. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Now, tap on the more option at the bottom on the right side.

3. Select settings from the menu list.

Link Apple Music To Alexa settings

4. Under settings, you must choose Music & Podcasts.

5. Since you want to connect Apple Music to Alexa, you must link the device first. Therefore, under services, tap the link new service.

Link Apple Music To Alexa

6. Tap Default services.

7. You can select Apple Music as a default service for music by tapping on change. Or you can also like another app like Spotify for podcasts.

How To Play Music On Alexa?

Rest assured, Apple Music uses the same voice commands as Alexa. It allows you to ask for a song, playlist, or artist; this includes your uploaded music too! Here are some commands that you can use:

  • Alexa, shuffle the party playlist.
  • Alexa, play, All of you by John Legend.
  • Alexa, play the Midnight’s album by Taylor Swift.

And suppose you want Alexa to play music in a specific room or anywhere in your house; then you must specify this information to your request. For instance, Alexa, play happier by Ed Sheeran in the living area.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Apple’s built-in Music app to manage Alexa speakers via AirPlay. You can get around this by pairing your Apple device with Alexa as a Bluetooth source, but you might constantly switch connections if you wear Bluetooth headphones.

Wasn’t it easy to know how to connect Apple Music to Alexa? You can now play podcasts and music whenever you want. Also, you must know that you have just one stream per Apple Music account.