How To Archive Photos on Facebook?

Learn how to hide Facebook photos to get rid of your funky old pics

The Facebook archive photos feature a great way to hide your old elementary Facebook post. However, do you know how to archive photos on Facebook? We have mentioned the top three ways to help you hide your FB posts in no time.

To archive photos on Facebook, you can change their privacy setting, use the move to archive option, or hide them from the activity log. 

Once you use these methods, your photos will be removed from your Facebook feed. Nobody will be able to see them except you! But not just these, here we will also tell you how to unarchive photos on Facebook. Because you never know when your mind gets changed. 

The process of Facebook archive photos is so easy that it will take hardly 1 minute to complete. So, let’s look at how to archive photos on Facebook.

How To Archive Facebook Photos On Your Phone? 

_three ways to archive facebook photo

People have been deleting their Facebook photos for so long. But why delete when you can know how to archive Facebook photos? After you hide Facebook photos, it gets removed from your timeline and Facebook albums. And here are the top three methods you can use to archive photos on Facebook.

Change Their Privacy Setting

If you change the Facebook photos privacy, then who can see the photo completely depends on the setting. Let’s use the steps and see how to archive photos on Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook account and go to your profile page.
  • Here, select the photo you wanna archive and tap on three dots icon

go to profile to archive facebook photos-steps

  • Tap on the edit privacy option.
  • Here, choose only me from the given option.

edit privacy-to hide fb photos-steps

  • Once you do it, nobody will be able to see the post.
  • You can also manage your post directly.
  • Just go to the manage posts option on your timeline.
  • Select the picture and tap on next. 

manage facebook photos to archive-steps

  • Go to the hide from timeline option.
  • Manage your post’s privacy and tap on done!

hide fb photo from timeline-steps

Use Move To Archive Option

Usually, we have two ways to archive Facebook posts and photos. You can remove FB posts either individually or in mass! But, here, you can use the move to archive options to hide your Facebook post separately!

Now, follow these steps to use the move to archive options:

  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Select the photo from the timeline.
  • Tap on the three dots icon.

go to fb profile page to archive the Fb photo-steps

  • Here, you will get a move to archive option. Tap on it, and you are done!

move to archive facebook photo-steps

Manage Your Post Under Activity Log

When you manage your post under the activity log, all your Facebook photos get archived in bulk. FB users usually take this action to archive all photos at once. Above, we shared the guidelines on how to use the move to archive tip to hide a single Facebook post. Now it’s time to look at how to use an activity log to archive photos.

So, to remove Facebook photos, you must follow the steps:

  • Open your Facebook account and go to the hamburger icon.

open facebook to archive Facebook photo-steps

  • Under setting, search for activity log.

search activity log to hide Fb photo-steps

  • Tap on manage your post.

manage your posts to hide you FB photo-steps

  • Select the FB pictures you want to remove from the timeline.

tap on archive button-steps-to archive facebook photo

  • Once you do it, tap on the archive button, and you are done!

To remove the Facebook post, we have plenty of options. Also, if you don’t want to keep your Facebook photo anymore, you can delete your FB posts all at once!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Archive Photos On Facebook Mean? 

After you archive photos on Facebook, all your posts and photos get removed from your timeline and feed. But that does mean you can’t have access to it anymore. You can get those pictures in your FB activity log if you want them back.

Q2. Can You Archive Photos On Facebook?

Yes, you can archive photos on Facebook anytime you want. We have noted ways to hide your Facebook post and photos. So, whenever you want to archive any post, change its privacy setting, use the move to archive option, or manage your posts under the activity log.

Q3. How To Find Archived Photos On Facebook?

Sometimes after archiving FB photos, we wonder where we can find them. In this situation, you can go back to manage your post and tap on the archive. There you will find all archived photos on Facebook.

Q4. How To Unarchive Photos On Facebook?

Facebook is not as straightforward as Instagram when it comes to unarchive photos. You have to repeat the whole step to reach your archived posts. Here are the steps you need to follow to get it.

  • Open your Facebook account and go to the hamburger icon.
  • Under setting, search for activity log and tap on manage your post.
  • Tap on the archive button, select the photos, and tap on restore!

Q5. How To Archive Facebook Photos On Desktop?

If you are the person who uses their Facebook account on the desktop. You will need to know these steps of how to archive Facebook photos:

  • Open your Facebook account and tap on the profile icon.
  • Now, go to the post you wanna hide from your timeline.
  • Go to the three dots icon; here, you can select edit audience or move to archive.
  • Both methods will hide the post from your feed and timeline.


We hope we succeed in conveying every information related to Facebook archive photos. By any chance, if it was TMI, here is the quick wrap of the blog! 

You can use archiving to hide your Facebook content, like posts, photos, stories, etc. You can do it in many ways, like changing its audience, using the move to archive, managing posts under the activity log, and hiding them.

Also, sometimes to enlarge our Facebook account, we also create Facebook groups and pages. With this, we try to connect with more people. However, while doing all of these, you may receive criticism. And this could be one of the reasons why you would want to archive the Facebook post. Instead of doing it, you better block that person on Facebook!