Everything You Need To Know About The Facebook Page Roles Update!

Are you an admin or an editor on a Facebook page?

Think of a Facebook page like a business; you can’t do it all by yourself. This is why there are different types of Facebook page roles that you need to assign to different people.

Earlier, Facebook had different roles on pages like admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, and analyst, but after the update, Facebook page roles no longer exist. Now there are different access levels according to which you can assign different duties on the page to users.

In this article, we will see why are Facebook page roles important and how to assign roles to people on Facebook:

New Page Roles On Facebookfacebook-page-roles

Remember when FB started deleting gray accounts? Well, now, with the new update, you will no longer be able to add people as moderators or editors, but you can still give and take access.

If you want various people handling your Facebook page, then you must know all the new types of Facebook page roles there are. There are 3 important FB page roles that you should know about when creating a page, and then you will be able to assign the right roles to the right people properly.

Here are the 3 types of page roles on Facebook:


Facebook page admin or administrator has all access to the Facebook page. The admin of a page can post on the page, approve or disapprove other people’s posts or requests, assign page roles to other members, and send messages on Messenger on behalf of the Facebook page. They also have access to Facebook insights and analytics so they can create Facebook ads and see the performance of the page.


Advertisers can only work with Facebook ads on a page. They are not permitted to post content or engage with the audience. Advertisers create Facebook and Instagram ads, and when the editor or admin posts those ads, advertisers can view the insights to see how people are responding to the ad they created. The role of an advertiser on Facebook is one of those page roles on Facebook that has little to no access to the FB page.


The analyst is basically a Facebook page viewer with access to FB insights. Like the other page roles of advertisers who cannot post on the Facebook page but can see which user or admin published a post, the analyst can also just do that. The analyst will only be able to see a post like an audience sees it, and they will have access to the insights.

How To Make Admin On Facebook?

The person who creates a Facebook page automatically becomes the page admin. The admin is the only user on the FB page who has permission to assign or change roles. So if you are looking to change page roles on Facebook, you will need to be the admin of that page in the first place. If you aren’t an admin, you cannot make other people admin or editor on the page.

Earlier assigning or changing roles on Facebook was extremely easy as you had clear labels such as admin, editor, moderator, etc. But after the Facebook business changed its interface, you can no longer directly assign page roles on Facebook. Instead, you can now only share Facebook page access or task access.

Here are the steps on how to assign page roles on Facebook and making admin by sharing access:

  1. Open your Facebook business page and select ‘Professional dashboard’ in the left sidebar.
  2. Scroll down in the left sidebar to find the ‘Your tools’ section and select ‘Page access‘ to change roles.facebook-professional-dashboard
  3. If you want to share full access with a user click on ‘Add new’ next to ‘People with Facebook access’ and then click on Next.facebook-add-new-admin
  4. Type the name of the person you want to share access with and select their account.
  5. If you want to give them full access i.e, make them an admin, then turn the toggle on for ‘Allow this person to have full control’ and then click ‘Give access.’facebook-access-to-new-admin
  6. Type your password and click on Confirm.facebook-access-confirm

This invitation will stay in their Facebook inbox for 31 days; if they don’t acknowledge it, it will automatically get deleted.

How To Change Page Roles On Facebook?

Anyone with full admin access to a Facebook page can change roles on the page. They can even give more people access or take away access from other admins. So if you have created an FB page and given someone full access, they can even remove you from the page and delete the entire page. This is why admins should be very careful as to who they give full access.

If you have given someone full access and wish to change their access level now, you can easily do so. Here are the steps to change Facebook page roles:

  1. Open your Facebook business page and select ‘Professional dashboard’ in the left sidebar.
  2. Scroll down in the left sidebar to find the ‘Your tools’ section and select ‘Page access’ to change roles.facebook-professional-dashboard
  3. Click on the three dots next to the profile you want to change roles of and select ‘Change access level’ if you don’t want to remove them from the page completely.
  4. Now click Next and turn the toggle on for the tasks you want them to have access to.facebook-change-access-level
  5. Click ‘Update access’ and then enter your password to Confirm.facebook-update-access-level

As an admin, you can remove access from other admins and users. Similarly, if you want, you can also make an Analyst into an Admin whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Can’t I See Page Roles?

Page roles on Facebook is now Page access. You can no longer assign people as admins or moderators, but you can give them access to the changes they can make on a Facebook page.

Q2. How To Add An Admin To Your Facebook Page?

To add the admin page roles follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook page
  • Professional dashboard
  • Page Access
  • Add new in People with Facebook access
  • Select the account
  • Turn the toggle on for full access
  • Give Access
  • Confirm with password

Q3. How To Edit Page Roles On A Facebook Business Page?

You can go change the access levels to users on your Facebook business page by making edits through Page access. If you give them full access, they will become an admin. If you give them all content and ads access, they will be editors but can’t change roles, and if you give them just task access, they will be moderators, advertisers, or analysts.

Q4. What Are The Different Facebook Page Roles?

The only solid Facebook page role is of the page admin now. Every other role can be customized by the admin anytime they want. So Facebook page roles no longer exist.

Q5. How Do I Remove An Admin From My Facebook Page?

To remove an admin, you will have to take away their page access. You can only remove an admin if you are an admin to that Facebook page. Go to Page access, and next to the person click Remove access.


If you just created a Facebook page and are looking to assign different Facebook page roles to your friends, you might be a little late. Facebook has removed the page roles feature, so now you can only make someone an admin or customize the level of access you want them to have. Of course, to do this, you will need to be the owner or admin of the page.

So if you want to make someone the admin of a Facebook page, just go to your professional dashboard and edit page access. There you will be able to give or take away access from users on that page. If you turn the toggle on for full access, that user will have all the access you have toward that FB page. This means they will be an admin just like you, and they can remove you as an admin. So be careful!