Facebook’s Privacy Policy- What You Need To Know!

Find out if you should be concerned with Facebook's recent changes in its privacy policy.

Meta-owned Facebook has changed its privacy policy effective January 2023. Facebook’s privacy policy has been updated to a point where they are transparent regarding many factors like what information they collect, how you, as a user, protect your privacy, etc.

So, let us see what has changed in the Facebook privacy policy and how it affects you.

What Is Facebook Privacy Policy?

The guidelines impact FB, Instagram, and FB Messenger. Under the various policies, FB collects and manages the information depending on how users use the products.

FB ads policies

For example, the type of information collected are:

  • Your credit card purchases when you buy anything from FB’s paid services.
  • FB page information- list of pages you manage for which you granted authorization to FB.
  • Personal information that you provide, like contact details and email.
  • Your ad preferences and other settings change based on location, language, social profile links, browser history, etc.

How Does FB Use The Information Collected?

To provide a personalization experience to all users, according to Facebook’s data policy, it shows you customized ads and sponsored or commercial content. This also comes under Facebook’s terms and conditions. The information is further divided into the following:

  • Information is used to improve FB products and the marketplace
  • Location-based information can give you more secure access, like detecting suspicious activity and helping to keep your account safe.

FB privacy policies

All of the feedback that Facebook users give is used to improve the site, test new products, and work on making better products.

FB’s goal for the future is to change its Privacy Policy more often so that it can learn more about how it can do better.

How Can You Manage Information After Facebook Data Policy Update?

You can use the tools to see, change, download, and delete your information. You can change and manage the following:

  • Your Data
  • Ad Preferences
  • Off-Facebook activity
  • Access the information

You can also change your information by going to the settings of the Products you use. You might also have other privacy rights based on the laws in your country.

FB data policy

There is a lot you can do with Facebook ads privacy policy. It also gives you more control over who can see your posts. Facebook has also added a single authority to set your ad preferences.

It is advised to read all the privacy policies to know better how and where the information is used. To help you understand better, FB has curated many videos as examples regarding how information is exchanged.

The updated policy covers the information collected if you use the products without an account and share it with law enforcement for safety and security. In addition, this page summarizes other privacy policy revisions.

In conclusion, Facebook’s privacy policy has been re-written and re-designed to make it easier to understand and clearer how they use the information provided on FB and Instagram.

They have also added Facebook data privacy policies to clarify what users expect. FB has also added the Privacy Center and new controls to give you more control over your experience, like who can see your posts and what kinds of ads you want to see.

But, one sure thing is that to give assurance, it has specified that the data collected is not being misused and the information is not being sold to any third party. You can also check the updated Community standards on Facebook.