How to Find Archived Messages On Facebook?

Where to find archives messages on Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform often used for chatting and staying in touch with friends and family, especially who are far, far away. With so many chats, having an organized inbox rather than a cluttered one is better. So, instead of deleting chats, you can even create group chats to make chatting with close friends or archiving messages on FB easier. By using the archiving function, you can keep your inbox organized. How do you, however, get to your archive? Below we will discuss how to find archived messages on Facebook Messenger.

Where To Find Archived Messages On FB Messenger For Desktop?

Facebook Messenger and Instagram allow you to save chat conversations and individual archive messages. In contrast to deleting messages, archiving lets you store discussions in a “folder” for later access. Archiving is similar to hiding messages from your inbox. Apart from archiving messages, you can even archive stories on FB. 

On the desktop, it is effortless to access the archived folder. Follow the steps below to access the folder; by the end of it, you will know where to find archived messages on FB.

  • Open Messages at the top of the page, on the menu bar, next to your profile name on

archive messages

  • At the bottom, you will see the option ‘See all in messenger.’ Tap on it.

FB messenger

  • In Messenger, choose Archived Chats by clicking the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen.

find archived chats on FB

  • Tap to open the folder to see the list of chats.
  • The folder will display the number of chats in the archived folder. And that is how you can find archived messages on Facebook.

view archived chats on FB

  • Facebook also allows you to unarchive or delete saved messages.

unarchive messages

How To View Archived Messages on Messenger On Android Phones?

If your Messenger is updated with the latest software, accessing the archived chats folder is simple.

  • On your smartphone, navigate to Messenger.
  • Tap on your profile picture from the top of the screen.

archived folder on android app

  • Scroll down, and you will find the option for Archived chats
  • Choose the option to see the list of conversations archived in the folder.

This is how you find archived chats on Facebook. Here, in this blog, we showed you two ways to access the archived folder on FB. Also, it is possible to check messages without Messenger on Facebook. 

When the feature is included in the Facebook app, there is no need to download another application to chat on Facebook. As a result, checking, deleting, and unarchiving messages is simpler.