How To Change Your Age On Facebook?

Learn how to change or hide your date of birth on Facebook.

You would want to know how to change your age on Facebook if you happen to put the wrong birthday on your FB account. You can change your age easily under the birthdate setting.

But this time, ensure you add the right age because if you don’t, you have to wait a couple of weeks to edit it again. This is because Facebook has set a limited number of times to edit the birthdate.

So if you are tired of getting birthday wishes on a wrong day, here’s how to change your age on Facebook.

How Do I Change My Age On Facebook?

You can edit all your private information under contact details and basic, including your birthdate, email address, and phone number. But you may be asked to provide additional information to ensure that only the correct person can change their account. The process to change your age on Facebook is outlined below.

1. Open Facebook and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to the profile page icon. 

change your age on facebook

3. Tap on the edit profile option.

4. Scroll way to down and tap on edit your about info.

edit profile-facebook-steps

5. Now, tap on your birthday under basic info and change your age on Facebook.

6. Once you are done doing it, tap on the save button at the bottom.

birthdate on facebook-steps

Steps To Change Birthday Date On Facebook

Once you edit your age on the application, it gets changed immediately. You can also hide your birthdate from your account if you don’t want others to see it. However, if you don’t have such plans, you can now read the below instructions to change your age on Facebook.

1. Open Facebook on your browser and navigate to the profile page.

2. On the profile page, you will see the “Edit Profile” option; click on it.

facebook profile-desktop

3. Scroll down on the interface you see and go to “Edit About Info” at the bottom.

edit your about info-facebook

4. Now, navigate to “Contact And Info Basic” on the screen. contact and basic info-steps

5. Click on the pen icon next to your birthdate to change your age on Facebook.

change your age on facebook

6. Here, click on the down-faced arrows and edit the birthdate on Facebook.

edit your birthdate on Facebook

Things To Keep In Mind When Changing Your Birthday Date On Facebook

Due to some limitations, you can’t keep changing your birthday date on Facebook. This is the list of restrictions you must consider when you edit your age.

  1. You must wait almost two weeks before changing your date of birth again.
  2. You have an opportunity to change your birthday a total number of three times.
  3. If you are proven to be under 13 years old, Facebook may ban or block you. And you have to contact the Facebook support team to unblock or unban yourself.

As you now understand how to change your age on Facebook, you can edit your birthdate effortlessly. But remember, once you change it, you won’t be able to edit it again immediately and will see the “why can’t I change my birthday.” question right below the birthday settings.