How To Create A Facebook Group?

Here are the steps to set up your Facebook group on your phone and desktop!

Facebook groups are a great way to enlarge your FB community and hold up people to your page forever! And if you want to create FB group, you must know how to create a Facebook group!

Facebook gives various ways to be in the eyes of your audience all the time. You can create a Facebook page, personal FB accounts, etc. It’s nice if you already have these things, but with that knowing how do I create a group on Facebook is equally important. You would be happy to know that starting a Facebook group is very easy too!

So, to create a Facebook group, you need to go to the FB menu page, and under groups, you can easily set up your Facebook group. 

This blog will give you a complete insight into the guidelines of how to create Facebook group on your phone and desktop!

How To Create A Group On Facebook? (Android & iOS)

After starting a Facebook group, you can help yourself to reach a wider audience and enhance your group’s growth. And to know how to start a Facebook group, you will need to follow these steps! 

  • Open your Facebook account on your phone.
  • Go to the hamburger icon.

open facebook to create a facebook group-steps

  • Here, tap on groups, and go to your group.

make Facebook groups-steps

  • After that, select the create group option.

tap on create group-steps

  • Now, you have to keep your group name. So name it and do the privacy setting.
  • You can keep it public or private, and tap on create group button at the bottom.

group name to set up Fcaebook group

  • Once you do it, your group will be created, and you will get suggested members send invitations.
  • Send an invitation to people you want to be your group member and tap on next.

invite people to set up Facebook group

  • Now, you have to follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • Upload cover photo, add a description, choose goals, and create a post.

FB cover photo and description-steps

  • Once you follow the instructions, tap on done.

_how to create a Facebook group

How Do I Create A Group On Facebook? (Desktop)

You have got to know how to make a Facebook group on the phone. But, if you use your Facebook account more on your computer and searching for the desktop guidelines, here are the steps to know how to create FB group on the desktop:

  • Go to chrome and open your Facebook account on your computer.

open facebook account to set up FB group-steps

  • Once you open it, you will see the groups option on the left panel and tap ” create a new group. 

tap on groups-steps

  • Now, give your group a name, select privacy and invite people (optional) and tap on create button at the bottom.

name a FB group-steps

  • Your group will be created and now tap on the edit button to design your Facebook page with some cover photo, description, targeting your goals, etc.

Facebook group has the potential to expand your page and bring extreme traffic. And if you post quality posts, it will entice your target audience to join the group and be your member. If you create a Facebook group for business purposes, you must monetize your Facebook group with modern marketing techniques!  And if you do this, it would be two shots with one arrow because you will be getting group fame and money together!

For that, you must know how to share a post on Facebook because sometimes people are so busy that they don’t get time to scroll on Facebook and miss some posts. So if you share it with them, it will catch your audience’s attention!

Method To Invite People After You Set Up A Facebook Group? (Mobile)

Sometimes after you set up a Facebook group and want to seek more attention on your page, you wish to send invitation links to people. And if you do, they may get compelled and join the group. So if you are on the same page, here is how you can invite people to Facebook group:

  • Open your group page, and tap on the invite button. 
  • Tap on share group.

tap on fb group invite button-steps

  • Go to more options. Once you do it, you get several options to invite people and choose anyone you wish to share with.

invite people to join FB group-steps

Besides this, you can also invite people to your Facebook page and Facebook events if you have create one! If you do it, your Facebook page will get the support and love it needs to develop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Create A Group Page On Facebook?

Creating FB page is as easy as you start a Facebook group. But before making it, ensure you have a personal Facebook account. To know how to create a group page on Facebook; you must follow these steps!

  • Go to the Facebook menu bar, and go to the group option under create.
  • Here, give your FB group a name, set the privacy, and tap on create button.
  • Once you do it, the group will be created.

Q2. How To Add Files To Facebook Group?

To know how to add files to your Facebook group, you must create a FB post first. Go to create a post option and select the file you wish to add and tap on post button.

Q3. How To Start A Facebook Group On Phone In 2022?

Once you have a FB personal account, you can quickly learn how to start a Facebook group in a minute. Visit your FB page and under groups, give your group a name and tap on create button.

Q4. How To Change A Public Facebook Group To Private?

You can change a public Facebook group to private while creating a group. Or else do it after you set up a Facebook group. For that, you need to tap on the edit button available on the FB group page.

Q5. Why I Can’t Create A Facebook Group Page?

Anyone can make a Facebook group page by having personal FB account. If you can’t create a Facebook page then it might be because you didn’t update the Facebook application.


Are you a business person who wants to learn how to create a Facebook group? Here we tried to answer every query, including how to start a Facebook group. We hope you have understood the guidelines we have mentioned! Before you go, let’s quickly recap the steps!

How do I create a group on Facebook for my phone:

  1. Open your Facebook account on your phone.
  2. Go to the hamburger icon, and under group, tap on create a group.
  3. Follow the instructions given on the screen and tap on done!

Steps to learn how to make a Facebook group:

  1. Launch Facebook on your desktop.
  2. Go to the group and tap on create a group.
  3. Give a name to your FB group, set the privacy, and tap on create.

Also, if you already have a Facebook page and want to be a part of any group as a FB page, here is how you can join a Facebook group as a page!