How To Create Group Chat in Messenger?

Here's how you can start chatting in groups on Messenger

Going on a trip and tired of texting everyone personally or throwing a party and wanting to invite everyone at once on Messenger? Then first you must know how to create group chat in Messenger to make it easier for you to message everyone collectively at the same time. With the help of group chat, one can now communicate or share files with more than one person at a time.

Follow our quick-start guide o how to create group chat in Messenger.

How To Create A Group Chat In Messenger?

How To Start a Group Chat ON messenger

Messenger is one of the popular apps for communicating with your peers and sharing content online. It is one of the widely used social media platforms. If you want to connect in groups or share with more than one person at once, then “Group Chat” is a great option. It also allows you to start a call with multiple people at one time or share and download voice messages.

How To Make A Group Chat In Messenger? (iOS and Android)

Install the Messenger app on your phone first and then sign in to your account. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

1. Open the messenger app and tap on the pencil icon.

Open messenger

2. Tap create a new group chat.

3. Now select the friends that you want to add to the messenger group and tap next.

create group on messenger

4. Name the group chat and finally tap create to make a new one.

make a group chat on FB messenger

Steps To Make A Group Chat On Your Desktop

All you have to do is log in to your Messenger Account, go to chats, and within a couple of clicks, you can circulate information in your group. Using the given tutorials, you can easily curate a Group Chat on your desktop or your mobile

  • Using your preferred browser, Go to the Messenger webpage and then log in to your Personal Messenger Account.

how to make a group Chat on messenger


  • On the left, tap on the “Create a new group”

how to create group chat on messenger

  • Now you can search and add the people you want to your Group Chat.

MAKE A group chat on messenger

  • Type in the first text you wish to forward and click the Send button.

STARt a group chat on facebook

Assuming now that you’ve successfully created your own Messenger Group Chat, if you wish, you can add more people to the group or remove someone from the group according to your convenience. In this way, you don’t have to make new groups, and you can just add people to the existing ones. Although, you can make different groups for separate friend groups. You can also leave the group chat on messenger whenever you wish to do so.

Now that you have all the necessary information on how to create group chat in Messenger, you can easily connect in groups with your family members, school friends, college friends, or colleagues on the app. Just in case the group is not active enough or is completely dormant, you can easily delete the messenger chat.