How To Find Old Posts On Facebook?

Find and hide your old Facebook posts now!

You can look up previous images by scrolling, but the procedure takes so long that you can get bored after a time. Therefore you must know how to find old posts on Facebook without scrolling. To save time, you can also use third-party tools to see old posts on Facebook. However, using it puts your privacy in danger. Thus, it’s best to avoid doing so.

Below we have laid out the complete guideline on how to find old posts on Facebook.

How To See Old Posts On Facebook In 2023?

You can use the activity log or the search bar options to see your old photos anytime. Here’s the complete guideline on how to look up old posts on Facebook on your timeline.

1. Log into Facebook and navigate to the magnifying glass at the top.

2. You must now type “my post” into the search bar in order to find your post. If you remember, you can also use the post’s caption to locate it.

my post-facebook

3. When you finish, the pictures will appear on your screen. You can go to the posts option to see more photos.

find old posts on facebook

4. Sometimes, you might have to scroll down on the results page to find old posts on Facebook.

If you want, you can also download photos from Facebook to your camera roll after you discover it.

Steps To Find A Previous Post On FB

The second guide is finding the Facebook post using an activity log. You can also use the activity log to find your archive photos on Facebook. But for now, use the following steps to find old posts on Facebook.

1. Go to the hamburger icon in the right-top corner of Facebook.

facebook app-steps

2. Now, type “activity log” into the search bar to find Facebook posts.

find old posts-facebook

3. Select the Manage Your Posts option under Your Posts in the activity log.
manage your posts to hide you FB post-steps

4. You’ll see each photo of yours in a row. Select the filter icon on the screen and enter the post’s date and time.

use filter-find old posts-fb

5. The filter will assist you in narrowing down the result and getting the precise result.

Facebook doesn’t have a feature that makes it easy to find older posts. However, we’ve already outlined two methods you can use to access your previous FB posts. Now that you know how to find posts on Facebook, you can hide and unhide the FB post from your timeline that you don’t want others to see.