How To Mute Story On Facebook?

Know how to remove Facebook story in a blink.

Watching multiple stories from the same person can get annoying! And if you want to save yourself from this boredom, you must know how to mute story on Facebook.

Almost everyone has their Instagram accounts linked to Facebook. So you are forced to watch all the stories you’ve already watched on Instagram on Facebook. But this feature is now going to be your lifesaver! Therefore here’s a complete guide on how to mute story on Facebook.

How To Mute Facebook Story On Phone?

After you mute someone’s story on FB, it won’t appear on your FB feed. Use the following steps to know what you need to do:

1. Open the Facebook application.

2. Go to the story you want to mute, and tap on the three dots icon at the top.

open facebook-steps

3. Select the mute option. You will be asked the duration to mute the story on Facebook.

4. You can mute the person for 24 hours, one week, or forever.

5. Choose the duration you want to set, and tap on the mute button.

mute facebook story

Steps To Unmute Story On FB App

You don’t need to worry if you accidentally mute someone’s Facebook story. You can unmute them within a few clicks using the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Facebook and go to the hamburger icon.

open facebook-unmute

2. Scroll down to find settings and privacy, and go to the settings.

facebook setting-umute

3. Now, tap on profile settings, and scroll down to the story’s settings to remove the person from the mute list on Facebook.

profile setting-fb

4. Tap on the stories you muted.

5. You will find stories you have muted. Tap on unmute option to see their story again.


Will Someone Know If I Mute Story On Facebook?

No one will know if you mute their stories. However, know that muting someone is different from muting the FB story. You don’t see their Facebook posts and stories when you mute someone. Their messages won’t come with a notification too.

The unmute option is not available for the desktop version. Therefore you need to use the FB app to mute or unmute people. Now you already know everything about how to mute story on Facebook. You can use the above steps immediately to get rid of them and use your Facebook peacefully. However, before you mute, view all the stories, and don’t miss an opportunity to download stories if you like them!