Illinois Facebook Class Action Lawsuit: Here’s What To Know!!

Is there a Facebook class action lawsuit in Illinois?

Here is everything you need to know about the Illinois Facebook class-action lawsuit. The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, implemented in 2008, is the most stringent in the US, requiring businesses to obtain permission before employing technology like face recognition and fingerprint scans to identify clients.

Edelson filed the complaint on behalf of plaintiff Carlo Licata in Cook County Circuit Court in April 2015, saying that Facebook’s use of facial tagging characteristics without authorization was illegal under Illinois privacy law. The lawsuit was subsequently transferred to federal court in Chicago and finally to federal court in California, where it was granted class-action status.

What Is The Illinois Facebook Class-Action Lawsuit About?

Illinois Facebook lawsuit

More than a million Facebook users in Illinois are involved in a seven-year class-action lawsuit alleging that the company violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by collecting and storing users’ biometric data (physical characteristics) without their consent, using tools such as facial recognition technology.

Facebook Class-Action Settlement 2022?

Facebook, Inc. has resolved a class-action lawsuit alleging that its “Tag Suggestions” function and other facial recognition technology features acquired and stored biometric data of Facebook users in Illinois without adequate notice or consent, in violation of Illinois law. Facebook claims it has broken no rules.

The long wait for 1.6 million Illinois Facebook users who submitted claims in a historic $650 million biometric privacy settlement is finally over.

According to Chicago attorney Jay Edelson, who filed the complaint against Facebook seven years ago, their $397 payments should arrive in the mail from May 9.

How Much Money Will You Receive In The Settlement?

During the protracted settlement process, class members’ compensation estimates varied from $350 to $400. After expenditures and fees, the ultimate tally for each class member is estimated to be $397, subject to final accounting.

Depending on the number of legitimate claims made, the amount you get maybe less or more than this. This amount will also cover the expenses of publicizing the Settlement, lawyers’ fees, compensation to users who assisted in the action, and various taxes. The Settlement also compels Facebook to turn off Facial Recognition for most Class Members and remove face templates until they turn it back on.

What Is The Eligibility Of Receiving The Payment From Facebook?

The settlement class encompassed about 7 million Facebook users in Illinois who had a face template created and saved after June 7, 2011. In addition, Facebook users have to have lived in the state for at least six months in the preceding nine years to be eligible. Moreover, by the November 2020 deadline, one in every five eligible Illinois Facebook users had filed a claim.


This was the update on the Illinois Facebook class-action lawsuit, which finally settled after seven years-long fight. Check out our Facebook guides for more current topics.