15 Interactive Facebook Posts You Must Try in 2023!

Here's a list of ideas to boost your Facebook posts you must know!

If you want to increase engagement on your business page, you might be constantly looking out for ideas for interactive Facebook posts. With the growing competition in the market and producing content to build an audience can get really challenging!

Here are some effective and interactive Facebook posts that this article has to offer!

Compelling Interactive Posts For Facebook Groups You Must Try!

Do you want to attract the attention of your audience and boost engagement on your Facebook posts? These are some interactive Facebook post ideas that will increase the click-through rates on your FB group posts.

Create emotional video content

One of the best interactive posts on Facebook is those that leave a strong impact on people emotionally. Have you seen some videos or ads with a message that deeply moves your or motivates you? Well, if you create sentimental content, you’ll surely receive a lot of reactions and engagement on your posts.

Create emotional video content on Facebook

Share tips according to your niche

Another way to increase engagement on FB groups is to share the ongoing events in your industry or the economy. This gives your members or followers an overview of the current situation. You must share your expertise or guides that will help them to stay updated or help them to understand the scenario and work accordingly and cope with it.

Best interactive posts for Facebook groups: Announce giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t want giveaways and prizes? You can ask people to participate in online challenges and contests. In return, you can giveaways cash prizes and discount coupons that will encourage more participation.

You can also giveaway gifts with your logo, which will also help in branding. For example, you can share coffee mugs or pens that have your logo printed.

Post compelling blogs

If you want to have discussions and want to know people’s opinions, you must write and post blogs. You can do so on the company’s website, so this will also contribute to leading your FB followers to the company website.

Most importantly, keep the audience in mind so that they can share their valuable opinion on the topic and you, too, get an insight.

Create Polls

Polls are very creative and one of the best examples of interactive FB posts! Even the ones that are actively participating in discussion actually contribute their opinions through polls.

You can have polls in a live session to make it more engaging. But you must have an open mind to listen to the audience’s opinions.  You can also organize polls to make important decisions.

Create Polls for interactive FB post

Post pictures with popular people

We do not actually mean to post pictures with Tom Cruise here! But if you are attending an event in your industry and you meet some influential entrepreneurs, you must grab a quick picture to post on your FB page.

Do not forget to tag them and add their names in the caption. This will boost your brand’s awareness among people and contribute positively to your social status.

Play quizzes

If you want to increase engagement on your FB group, the quiz is a fun way to entertain and educate your followers. You can create an informative and fun quiz on famous personalities, your products, or current market situations.

Have a Q&A session

The Facebook group interactive posts are incomplete without Q&A sessions! While asking questions, you must keep your target audience in mind. It should resonate with the people and your business. For instance, if you have an accessories brand, you can ask the audience to share their feedback on the products that they have used.

You might receive positive or negative feedback. Do not get disheartened if you receive bad reviews; you can always work on them to improve your product.

Share posts on team-building activities

If you share pictures from a success party or your team enjoying leisure time or work anniversaries. Most of your followers appreciate such posts through comments and sections. Isn’t this one of the best interactive Facebook post ideas?

team building interactive fb posts

Repost Content from Other Social Sites

If you want to take a short break from creating interactive FB posts, you can share content from other social sites. For instance, you can repost Instagram reels on Facebook, as both platforms are owned by Meta and therefore share similar community guidelines.

This can also help you to drive your audience from one platform to another.

Collaborate with influencers for an interactive post on Facebook

Influencers become the talk of the town! So you collaborate with them if you want to reach out to your audience creatively. Creators usually have their own way of reaching out to people. That’s one of the best ways to influence your followers to believe in your brand and purchase your products.

You can use this to post on your Facebook page and also run visual ads to get the maximum return out of it.

Share genuine stories

Add a personal touch to the story that you share on your FB group. People relate to content that is genuine. So you can share your success stories about your business or happy reviews about your customers.

Post informative infographics

Informative infographics are one of the best Facebook post ideas! Remember, visuals gain more attention than any other content that you post. So if you want to hook your followers to your FB page, you must make enlightening posts.

Also, do not forget to add your logo to the image; this will also contribute to the business’s branding.

Create Polls for interactive FB post

Add CTAs to your posts for Facebook group interactive posts

Many times we forget to add a CTA to our posts, agree to it or not! Your audience is most aware of what to do next. For instance, if you want to lead them to your website or purchase the product, you must state it clearly.

This proves to be one of the best ways to do FB interactive posts, as you direct your followers to sign up for an exclusive article or purchase an upcoming product.

Promote an upcoming event via Facebook group interactive posts

Another interactive Facebook post idea includes posting news or updates about an upcoming event in your company or in the industry that you belong to. You can also promote a forthcoming product that your business is going to launch.

You need to be consistent in posting updates on Facebook. A FB post will get the maximum engagement in a span of six hours; therefore, you need to be active and post more than once a day. Also, along with these ideas for interactive Facebook posts, you need to be observant in optimizing the content, like using the right hashtags.