What is a Facebook Room?

Know everything about Facebook rooms and types of rooms here!

Facebook is being very competitive with its exclusive features every day. And Facebook meeting room is one of them. However, do you know what is a Facebook room? If not, welcome to this blog!

Facebook rooms are group chats that help Facebook users to have a real talk or discussion. This does mean you can’t use it for personal purposes because the Facebook news room can be created for private and public things.

Besides this, Facebook live audio rooms are also great ways to be a part of an intellectual group. Here we have noted an effective hack that you can use to create a Facebook audio rooms without a verified account.

So, without further delay, let’s start the blog, which is all about what is a Facebook room!

What Is Messenger Room On Facebook?

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Facebook news room is a video group chat feature rolled out in 2020 for all FB users. Messenger rooms are inspired by all video chatting platforms such as google meet, zoom, skype, etc. You can start a video call and send an invitation link to other platform users. It means anyone can join this news room even if they don’t have a Facebook account. If you are creating your Facebook room chat, you can allow up to 50 users at a time. Now, let’s how to create Facebook Messenger rooms.

How To Create Facebook Messenger Rooms? (Phone)

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Facebook rooms are ways to have a real conversation with your family, friends, colleagues, and professor. There is no limit to video chat on Facebook. So the conversation can last for longer than you even imagine. You should have real rooms to join to get the full experience of Facebook room chat. And here are the steps of how to create Facebook Messenger rooms. Use them  to get your Facebook rooms:

  • Open your Facebook Messenger on your phone.
  • Here, you will see all recent chats, including who is currently online.
  • Tap on create room icon on the left side of the screen.

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  • Now, you get options to choose whom you wanna invite to the group.
  • Select ” who can join automatically? “

who can join automatically facebook meetingrooms-steps

  • Choose the people you invite.

people you invite will join-steps

  • You can choose either option, but we choose the people you invite option here.
  • Now, tap on create room.

create facebook room-steps

  • Send an invitation link to people.

send facebook room links-steps

  •  Once you do it, your FB room will be started! And now, to end the Facebook video meet, tap on the end button. 

end the fb room-steps

  • Select end call for everyone and then tap on end call.

end call to leave fb meeting room-steps

What Are Facebook Live Audio Rooms?

Facebook live audio rooms work as a live session like other social media platforms. And it is different from the Facebook video room. In Facebook audio rooms, you can send a prior invite link to people before you start the session. You can also inform about it in your FB timeline. If you do it, anyone can click on the link and join your session, unlike Facebook rooms, where everything is done privately.

So far, you must have gone live on Facebook groups, and you would have edited live videos too. However, now you have one more bet: Facebook audio rooms feature. You also get the option to save the Facebook audio live video on your timeline to listen to it anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Facebook Meeting Room?

Facebook meeting room are more like a group video chat where people connect and have a discussion. Facebook room chats can be private and public according to your wish. If you want private conversations with your cousins, you must send links to only your cousins.

Q2.How To Create Room On Facebook On Desktop?

You must learn to create a room on Facebook if you operate your FB account mainly on a desktop and likes to interact with people on a big screen.

  • Open the Facebook account and click on create your room.
  • Give your room a name, and click on who is invited.
  • You will get two options here; friends and specific friends; select the one you prefer.
  • Now, you have to schedule your Facebook live audio rooms so that people can remove time for it.

If you created room on Facebook for your business and want to add more participants, you can do that as well. Moreover, when you want to conclude the meeting, you have to go to the room meeting and tap on the end room.

Q3. Who Can Use Facebook Audio Rooms?

Facebook audio rooms are only for verified accounts and not for everyone. So if you are an influencer with good FB growth, you can easily create a Facebook audio live room.

Q4. Why Is Rooms Not Showing On Facebook?

There could be reasons like not updating your FB app or don’t have a verified FB account. These are the main reasons you cannot see the Facebook audio live rooms options.

Q5. What To Create A Facebook Audio Room Without A Verified Account?

This is interesting for people who want to create Facebook audio room but sadly have only the Facebook video room feature. This is because you don’t hold a verified account. However, we have an amazing hack to help you create Facebook audio rooms without a verified account. Use steps to get your FB audio room:

  • Open your Facebook account on your phone.
  • Join a group that already has Facebook audio room feature.
  • You will get the option to create a room next to your profile.
  • Tap on room and choose a live audio option.
  • Select the Title, Date & Time and Invite people you want to join.
  • Once you do it, tap on create a live audio room, and you are done!

Remember, you can’t successfully create a Facebook live audio rooms until the admin permits it. So, once you make a room, wait for the admin’s approval to create a room. As soon as the admin permits you, you will be live in a second!


Was it TMI for you? You can use Facebook rooms feature to call your siblings or colleague to have a long video chat. Now you also what is a Facebook room. There is no time limit set for the meeting. And if you have decided to create audio and video rooms Facebook, you must refer the above guidelines.

Once we make FB meeting room, you also add lots of FB live events. So, if you are wondering how to join live events of other FB users here is how to join Facebook live event!