What Is Facebook Wall?

Get to know all the updates on a Facebook wall

If you want to know to have ever latest updates about your friend, you must look up their Facebook wall. Or, if you’re looking for a brand’s upcoming product launch, you must close and stick onto their wall; that’s where you will receive all the announcements and updates.

Also, if you are waiting for your favorite artist’s concert tickets, then keep a close eye on their Facebook wall.

What Is Your Wall On Facebook?

The Facebook wall is a collection of all the posts, videos, and pictures that the user has posted on this social media platform. On the FB wall, people can share their updates about what’s happening in their life by going FB live, sharing posts, commenting, or reacting to posts.

If you have a business page on FB, then the wall is one of the best opportunities to engage with your followers. You have interactive sessions and announce events, special deals, and offers.

Mostly, the wall is visible to everyone on FB. But if you want posts to be visible to only your friends, you can do so.

How To Post On Facebook Wall?

If you want people to view photos or messages on your Facebook wall, here’s what you must do:

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.

2. Tap on What’s on your mind?

Open facebook

3. You can add text that you want to post on the FB wall.

4. If you want to upload a photo or video on your FB wall, you can do so by selecting the option.

Wall On FB

5. You can also choose who can see the post on your Facebook wall. From the drop-down, select public if you want everyone to view it. Choose friends if you want everyone from your list to view. You can also hide posts from the wall from some people.

6. Once you are done with uploading and adding texts, you must finally tap Post to upload the post on your wall.

how to post on Facebook wall

Almost all your friends’ updates appear on your Facebook feed. But if you think that you haven’t seen any latest updates from your friend, then you can check their Facebook wall. If you yet cannot see any latest updates, then they might not have posted anything, or they have uploaded pictures and videos and hidden them from you. Also, if you aren’t added to someone’s list and they have locked their FB profile, then you won’t be able to see feeds on their FB wall.