How To Access Facebook Business Manager In 2023?

Here is the best way to get more audience interested in your online business with the help of a Facebook business manager

Wondering how to access Facebook business manager? Did you ever wonder how Facebook business manager can help you boost your business sales? The business manager offered by Facebook is a tool that you must-have for your business if you are using this social media giant. The manager works as a one-stop tool for providing your employees and you with all kinds of assets to build your empire.

So if you are new to this section and need to know how to access Facebook business manager, you don’t need to worry about any single thing. Today, we have collected all the information you need on the Facebook business manager and how you can create a Facebook business manager in 2023! So let’s get started without any more delays!

How To Access Facebook Business Manager?

Before we understand how to use this management tool, we would like you to understand what it’s all about. It’s like a shop where all of your marketing and advertising situations can be handled with care. You can also efficiently control multiple users’ access to Instagram resources such as various catalogs. Isn’t that amazing!? Here is what you can expect from this all-in-one package.

 Facebook Business Manager

  • It will help you segregate your business updates from your profile.
  • You can also keep track of your Facebook ads, along with the details of how your advertisements have performed in the past.
  • You can also revoke a particular user’s access instantly if they are no more working in your cooperation.
  • The business manager for Facebook can also help you assign roles for your projects. Your coworkers won’t get the access to take a view of your profile and vice versa.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Manager?

Well, the steps are pretty easy to understand and implement. Here is how it’s done.

  1. Create a Facebook business manager account by heading over to
  2. You will now need to enter all your information and details to get your account ready. After this, you can click on next.How To Access Facebook Business Manager
  3. Start by adding your Facebook business pages or page. You can either create a new page or link any old existing one. You can add your FB page by heading over to the business manager dashboard clicking on add page.Facebook Business Page For iPhone
  4. After this, the addition of a Facebook ad account is also required. You can also link your existing ads account by heading to the dashboard>click on add account and enter the account ID.Access Your Facebook Business Page From Your iPhone
  5. If you don’t have a Facebook ads account, you can do so by heading over the manager page> add account>create an account.
  6. The next step is adding people to take care of your Facebook assets. You need to head over to the dashboard and click on add people option. Once you get the dashboard, you will need to add the business email address of your team member.

How To Access Your Facebook Business Page From Your iPhone?

Start by downloading the business page from your iPhone. After this, you need to get familiar with all the tools that the application will provide you. These include messages, comments, ads, page insights, event appointments, and other page settings and page options. With this, you can easily manage your Facebook from your iOS device by viewing the Facebook feed, creating and scheduling posts, and more!


We hope that you can easily understand how to access Facebook business manager from your iPhone with this! To sum things up in short for you, you need to have a Facebook profile to get access to a business manager account. This can be done by using your existing FB account or creating a new one.

Also, to note, you can only create two business manager accounts at a time. You can give your people access to business manager by heading to business settings>select people>tap on add. After this, you will need to add the account of the people and choose the work you will be assigned to them. Isn’t this easy and a much better way to get your job done effortlessly?