How To Clear Instagram Cache?

Is Instagram Not Working? Try Clearing Instagram Cache!

Is your Instagram not working? These could be because of slow internet or a bug on your phone! You can switch to Wi-Fi and check your phone. But if didn’t sort out the problem, you must know how to clear Instagram cache, as it lags your application too.

Whenever you load something on the application, the data of the thing get saved in the cache which helps you to load that thing faster next time. This blog will give a detailed explanation of how to clear Instagram cache on your devices.

What Is Instagram Cache and How To Clear IG App Cache?

Every time you have your phone in your hand, you mindlessly scroll through Instagram and enjoy how quickly every meme loads! Unfortunately, you do not realize this until Instagram stops working.

You can’t upload posts on Instagram, load stories, or scroll through reels. If you are facing any other issues with Instagram, like you receive a message notification but don’t see the message or your music sticker is missing, or if you have any other issue, you should try updating your app. If it still doesn’t work, you can try our fixes!

There might be two reasons why this is happening. First, Instagram is down; second, the app cache is full. But what is this app cache? And how do I clear my cache on Instagram?

You can see images quickly on Instagram because the app shows pictures as a cache. The cache is like temporary data storage. Its main goal is to load the images faster on the app. But sometimes, this slows down your device. Also, if Instagram says storage is almost full, that means the cache on your device is full, and you need to delete it. However, the iPhone does not have the clear cache option but allows you to offload the app.

How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone?

how do I clear my cache on Instagram

1. Open the “Settings app” on your iPhone

2. Tap “General.”

3. Go to “iPhone storage.”

4. Scroll down to find “Instagram.”

5. Once you tap “Instagram,” you need to tap “offload app.”

How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone

Once you clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone, you will also stop getting the pop-up ‘Instagram says storage is almost full.’ 

Steps To Clear Cache On Instagram (Android)

Another error that might appear on your phone while using Instagram is the “try again later.” Clearing the cache is one of the best ways to get rid of the error. Now, the setting to remove the app cache on Android and iOS differs. While you need to offload the app on iPhone, Android allows you to clear the cache.

Follow these steps if you want to remove the Instagram cache on your android phone: 

1. Open the “settings app” on your phone.

2. Go to “Apps” or “Manage Apps.”

3. Scroll down and tap “Instagram.”

4. Now finally click “clear cache.”

How To Clear Cache On Instagram

How To Clear Instagram Cache On Desktop?

You cannot clear the IG cache from your PC. There are a lot of guides that show how to delete cache on Instagram from Account data settings. But it will just waste your time and energy as with Instagram’s latest interface; you won’t find the account data settings on your app’s desktop version. Hence, it’s wise to stick to your mobile devices when deleting the Instagram app cache.

Steps To Fix IG Storage Is Almost Full Error

If you have cleared the cache on your device yet receive storage is almost full Instagram Error, you must clear the recent searches from the app. Here’s how you must do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon.
  2. Now tap the hamburger icon.
  3. Go to your activity.
  4. Select recent searches.
  5. Finally, tap clear all.

Wasn’t it easy to learn how to clear Instagram cache? App cache usually eats up your storage space; hence, you receive the full storage error every time you open the IG app. Sometimes, filling your phone storage might also cause this error. Therefore you need to delete a few things on your phone to use Instagram without interruption. If you aren’t receiving notifications from Instagram, here’s how you can fix it!