How To Fix ‘Try Again Later’ Instagram Error?

Instagram telling you to try again later? Let's fix this Instagram error message!

You open your IG, scroll through a few posts, and double-tap a post when the pop-up ruins your day. You see is a huge ‘Try again later’ Instagram error telling you your actions are restricted. What would you do now?

If you’re wondering how to fix the ‘Try again later’ error we’re here to help you! Some of the easiest ways you can try to fix the Instagram error are:

  • Log out and log in again
  • Take out link from bio
  • Clear cache
  • Contact support
  • Link FB account

Depending on the reason your Instagram is showing you the error the solution may differ. Other than this, it is also very common to face errors on Instagram such as ‘Unable to use effect’, ‘Not loading pictures’, ‘Notifications not working’, ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’, ‘Instagram not working’, and so on…

If you’ve done nothing wrong but still gotten a Try again later error, reading this article will answer all your questions regarding why you got the error message and how to fix it.

How To Fix ‘Try Again Later’ Instagram Error?ways-to-fix-try-again-later-ig

If you ever see the ‘Try again later’ pop-up on Instagram you shouldn’t worry too much about it. There are a few ways you can fix this error without stressing yourself out too much:

1. Log Out And Log Back In

This is the first thing you should try if you come across any issues while using IG. Just log out of your Instagram account. Wait for a few minutes. And then log back in.instagram-log-out-log-in

If the error was popping-up because of some internal issue from Instagram it will be resolved after logging out and logging in.

2. Remove Link From Bio

If you’re an influencer or a brand, you might be using the link in the bio feature on IG to promote various things. This could sometimes cause trouble if IG marks your link as unverified. So if even your link in the bio is secure, just to be completely sure, remove the link from your Instagram bio. Once done, close the app and see if you are still getting the error.

3. Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing your app cache will solve many problems relating to the app. If your app was slowing down or taking up too much space on your phone, clearing the app’s cache will solve those issues too. Let’s see how to clear cache:

  1. Open Settings on your phone and go to ‘App management’.
  2. Tap on ‘App list’ and scroll to find IG.instagram-app-cache
  3. Then tap on ‘Storage usage’ and finally tap on ‘Clear cache’.ig-app-cache

If you’re using Instagram on an iPhone you won’t have an option to clear cache through settings.

4. Report The Issue

It’s completely fine to report the issue to IG. Afterall if it’s a mistake from their side they will resolve it immediately. You could just click on the ‘Tell us’ button on the error box that’s appeared or if you closed the box already you could report it through settings. So to report your issue to Instagram follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram settings and tap on Help.
  2. Select the ‘Report a problem’ options and again tap on ‘Report a problem’.
  3. Now type in your issue and hit Submit.ig-app-not-working

Instagram will get back to you in a few hours or sometimes it might take longer. But reporting the error message might even give you some more insight as to why your actions got restricted all of a sudden.

5. Link Facebook Account

If the reason Instagram has tried to restrict you from the app is that it thinks you are a bot than you will need to prove you are human by linking your active Facebook account to your Instagram account.

Follow these steps to link you IG and FB:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon and select Settings.
  3. Select Account and tap on ‘Sharing to other apps.’
  4. Tap on Facebook to link your Facebook account.

Why Does My Instagram Say ‘Try Again Later’?

You must’ve heard that social media platforms are filled with bots.instagram-try-again-later These bots spam comment sections and help in growing follower count or the number of likes for people who buy likes and followers. Now, this goes against Instagram’s guidelines, and to prevent bots and spam accounts, Instagram has a feature that restricts suspicious accounts. Your account might come under Instagram’s radar if your activities look spammy.

In such cases, Instagram has been known to even shadowban certain users. It’s quite hard to tell whether your account has been shadowbanned by Instagram but by using certain clever tips you can find out if you are shadowbanned. But that’s the worst-case scenario. The try again later error is Instagram’s way of telling you that your account is under their radar.

Activities that might seem bot-like to Instagram are:

  • Liking too many posts at once
  • Leaving repetitive comments
  • Following a lot of people
  • Unfollowing a lot of people

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Try Again Later IG Error?

The try again later error on Instagram is their way of checking for suspicious activity. If you have been too active and your account is looking like a bot to IG, then they will ban you for a while to review your account activity.

Q2. How Long Does The Try Again Later Error On Instagram Last?

Anywhere from 24 to 48 hours is the limit of the Try again later error on Instagram.

Q3. What To Do If The Try Again Later Error Doesn’t Disappear?

Contact Instagram support if, even after 48 hours, you still see a try again later error.

Q4. Can I Get Banned For Liking Too Much On My Instagram Account?

Yes. Liking too much can seem like a bot-like activity on Instagram, and they can ban you for that.

Q5. How To Prevent The “Try Again Later” Error?

You must like and comment on other people’s posts within a limit. Avoid mass following or unfollowing users on Instagram. And try not to use any third-party app on Instagram, if you don’t wish to see try again later error on Instagram.


Today we showed you what an Instagram ‘Try again later’ error looks like, why you might have gotten such an error, and how to fix this issue. Try all the tips and tricks and tell us which one worked out for you.

If nothing works, your best bet will be to wait it out. Instagram doesn’t keep your actions restricted for a long time and you might stop getting the ‘Try again later’ error in a few hours. In the meanwhile try not to like, comment, or follow anyone, and just limit your app time and actions. If you’re facing this or any other issue from this app it might be a technical difficulty so try all the above-mentioned methods to solve the problem. Your problem should be solved using one of these tricks and if not you won’t have any option but to wait.

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