How To Post A Live Photo On Instagram?

Read this to know how you can post a live photo on Instagram.

Posting a live photo would be great if you want your normal Instagram photos to have a lively feel. But you must know how to post a live photo on Instagram to do it. To upload, you must first convert a photo into a live video or take one using the live photo feature.

Here’s the complete guide on how to post a live photo on Instagram feed and stories.

Steps To Post Live Photo On Instagram App

Since you need to convert your normal picture into a live video to post, here are the steps to learn how to do it.

1. Open your iPhone and select a photo you want to upload.

2. Go to the share icon, and tap on save as video.

save as video-instagram

3. Once you are done, open the Instagram application.

4. Go to the + icon at the top, and choose a live photo.

select a ig photo

5. Now, tap next, add captions, and tag people.

6. Once you do it, tap on the post, and you are done!

post a live photo on instagram

How To Upload Live Photos To Instagram Stories?

You can post the story if you have converted your photo into a live video. However, you don’t need to do it, as you can use the boomerang feature to create a live photo and post it to your IG story.

1. First, open Instagram and go to the + icon.

2. Then, choose the story option.

choose a story option-ig

3. Select a photo, and tap on the boomerang icon.

choose a story option-ig

5. Finally, your photo will be live; tap on share.

upload a live photo to ig story

Can You Post Live Photos On Instagram Android?

You can quickly upload live photos if you are an iOS user. However, you would wonder whether you can post a live photo on IG if you are an android user. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward way, but you can still manage by converting your selected photo to a boomerang.

Can You Share Live Photos On Instagram Story?

Sharing live photos on Instagram has the same process as uploading them on the feed. You can convert your regular picture to a live one on your iPhone or use the boomerang feature instead. Once you create the live photo, share it on your Instagram story, and you are done!

There isn’t a direct way to post a live photo to Instagram. Instead, you must convert your photo to animated GIFs to post as a moving photo. So, after you are updated on how to post a live photo on Instagram, you should also know the best time to upload IG content to target your audience.