The Best Free Hand Lettering Fonts in 2023

Hand-Lettering fonts you need to know

Do you need a hand-lettering font for your next project? Also, what are hand-lettering fonts?

A hand-lettered typeface can quickly infuse your designs with drama and romance. These contemporary designs would be perfect for invitations, posters, book covers, and greeting cards.

In the internet age, where everyone uses their phones and computers to send messages, emails, and voice notes, only a few people bother to sit down with a pen and paper to write letters to one another.

So, if you were missing the days when handwritten letters were cool, you can still enjoy the beauty of handwritten notes. But, first, let us look at why you should use the hand-lettering fonts style.

Why Use Hand-Lettering Fonts?

hand lettering fonts

There are many reasons to use these fonts to draft a letter to a friend or create a unique website.

Fonts like Times new roman or ariel are ubiquitous and fundamental fonts. The beauty of hand-lettering font can bring out your personality and style. It can transform a simple letter into something extraordinary.

With a unique flow of words, style dips, and curves, it can breathe life into your digital letter.

Difference Between Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering?

Calligraphy is a type of writing that is done with nibs and inks. The breadth of each letter fluctuates according to the upstrokes and downstrokes of the hand. It’s frequently used in long written works, and two letters that appear the same are uncommon.


Whereas hand-lettering fonts are created by hand and then placed under the scanner for repeatable system for easy typing in the computer. Hundreds of free typefaces, many of them in a handwritten style, are available online, and they’re used to make the font stand out in both physical and digital media.

Best Free Hand-Lettering Fonts You Need To Know

Many free hand-lettering fonts come with fascinating extras to enhance your work’s look. Take, for example, the gorgeous Sophia brush script. It comes with a charming hand-lettered typeface that allows you to design your own text with delightful embellishments. Personalize your typeface for posters, invitations, and other printed materials.


When it comes to handwriting, Allura favors a more stylized style. Sometimes letters are connected, and sometimes they aren’t. Soft loops and gentle ascenders and descenders characterize this dreamlike typeface. It combines traditional and contemporary elements to provide a fresh twist on cursive handwriting.


hand written fonts


Is your cursive difficult to read? Don’t be concerned. Make it look real by using a cursive font. There are a wide variety of typefaces to pick from, each with its own distinct style. Check out this collection of the greatest cursive fonts for the web, whether you want something beautiful or casual.


hand lettering fonts


Choose a couple of fonts from this post and change your site. Make your writing fascinating, and you’ll notice a significant change in how you and others perceive it. Choose one font for the primary headers and subheadings and another for the body text. Simply altering the font on your website might make it stand out from the rest. Also, One excellent way to use these typefaces is to include them in your list of national holidays content strategies. By just changing the font you can get a few extra visitors interested in your posts.