How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat?

Here's everything you need to know about your location on Snapchat

Wondering how to see who viewed your location on Snapchat? Snap Map is a Snapchat feature that allows you to view and share your friends’ locations. Sure, that feature sounds cool, but there may be times when you want to keep your location private or turn off Snapchat for your children.

Unfortunately, you cannot see who has viewed your Snapchat location, but you can hide or control what Snapchat reports to others. At first, this feature was available on Snap Map, but it was later removed in the updates as an issue of privacy.

In this article, we will see if there is still a way to see who viewed your location on Snapchat and how to edit your location setting on Snapchat.

How To Tell If Someone Checked Your Location On Snapchat?

How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat

The answer is a little trickier than you might think. Snapchat does not notify you when someone views your Snap Map location, but it does display everyone’s location when you open the Snap Map from the camera.

As a result, Snapchat struggles to show who has viewed your location. Snapchat had previously approved this feature in its 2018 edition. Nevertheless, it is no longer compatible with the app’s current version due to security concerns.

So To answer your ‘Who viewed my Snapchat location?’ You cannot find out a particular person who might be stalking you on Snap Map.

How To Edit Snap Map Settings?

How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat?

Even though Snap Map allows you to share your location with your friends and see where they are when they open the app, you may want to limit who sees it. So follow these steps to access the Snap Map privacy settings:

1. Hide your location on Snapchat:

The best way to hide your location on Snapchat is to use ghost mode. All you have to do is:L

  • Open Snap Map 
  • Tap on the cog icon 
  • Enable Ghost Mode on your Snapchat, and you’re done.

2. Check someone’s location:

There are two main ways to find someone’s location on Snapchat. Via a profile or snap map. If you can’t track the location, the person must have turned off that option or hasn’t been active on the platform in the last 6 hours.

Snapchat may not be able to see how many people have viewed your location, but it can tell you precisely who has followed your travel path.

How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat?

3. Fake your Snapchat Location:

Luckily, there are software packages that make relocation easier. iMyFone AnyTo is one of the easiest iOS and Android location changers and is usually the best answer on how to forge a location on Snapchat.

Usage is simple. This means anyone can disguise the location of Snapchat with just one click on their iOS and Android devices that too very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Snap Map safe?

Snap Map is secure if you share your location with the people you know. However, it can be incredibly unsafe if you’re sharing your site with anyone who wants to see it.

Q2. Does Snapchat Send A Notification When You Look At Someone’s Location?

No. The app does not send notifications when viewing a Snapchat user’s location. The app will only notify users if they have taken a screenshot or screen-recorded the user’s stories or chats.

Q3. Is Snap Map Faultless?

The Snap map is usually accurate. But please be aware that Snap Maps function based on your past activity. So, if you have not been active on the Snapchat app, it will still show the location of where your Snapchat was active last.

Q4. What Do Different Settings On Snap Map Mean?

A snap map, as previously stated, is a feature that allows you to share your location with others. This feature includes three privacy settings that allow you to choose how to share your location.

  1. Ghost Mode – Enable this feature if you want to keep your movements private. It is a feature that gives you complete privacy by making you invisible on Snap Map.
  2. My Friends – Select this option if you want your location status to be visible to your friends (on the snap friend list).
  3. My Friends, Except – Select this option to limit who will not see your location on your friend list. This option is usually necessary if you have a friend or a couple of friends. You don’t want your friends to see your status.
  4. Only these Friends – Select this option if you only want to share your location with one, two, or a few friends.

Q5. If I Block Someone, Will They See My Location?

When you block another user, they cannot see your location. However, some users have reported that even after removing someone, they are still on their list of people who can see their location. If you don’t want someone checking your location, remove them from Snap Maps’ ‘Friends Except…’ list.


We have covered everything you need to know about how to see who viewed your location on Snapchat. And the answer is No. You cannot see who viewed your Snap location. Snapchat is a commonly used app for connecting to peers via digital photos and videos, and Snapchat is widely known for its snap streak capabilities. You can also try new filters on Snapchat to enhance your selfie.

Well, this was all about the ‘How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat?’ and if you have any doubts regarding this, feel free to visit our website. Until then, Have fun!