How To Use Snapchat On PC? (Windows And Mac)

Here are two ways to get Snapchat on your Laptop or computer!

If you want to download Snapchat on computer, then this guide is for you! Sending snaps to your friends and family is one of the main motives for having the app on your phone. But if you want t use this app for having conversations and video calls, then you will want to know how to use Snapchat on PC. There are two ways to get the snap app on your computer:

  • Use Snapchat’s web version
  • Get an emulator to acquire Snapchat for your laptop or desktop.

It isn’t challenging to get the Snap app on your computer as it sounds! We are going to make it simple for you! So let’s understand further in detail how to use Snapchat on PC.

How To Get Snapchat On PC?

How To Get Snapchat On PC

As we mentioned, there are two ways to get Snapchat on PC. Firstly, you can use the app’s web version on your computer. Secondly, you can use an emulator to download it on your desktop.

How To Get Snapchat On Computer? (Web version)

Not everyone knows this, but Snapchat has a browser version like the other social media platforms. But you must remember that the web version will only work for two browsers, i.e., Chrome and Microsoft Edge. So if you use another browser, you will be unable to use Snapchat on the web.

Also, you have to be a Snapchat+ subscriber to use Snapchat on PC. It has a monthly subscription of $3.99 for a month, including a free trial of seven days. So if you want to get Snapchat on computer, you can use Snapchat+.

Once you are a Snapchat+ subscriber, follow these steps to use the Snap app on the web:

1. Click on the link to get the app’s web version.

2. Use your Snapchat username and password to log in.

how to download snapchat on windows

Snapchat Download Windows

If you want to get Snapchat download on Windows for free, then you need to follow these steps:

First, you need an emulator on your PC if you want to download Snapchat. Therefore, let’s learn how to get an emulator on your PC first:

1. Open a browser of your choice and search BlueStacks.

2. Open the site and click “download BlueStacks 5.”

snapchat download pc download bluestacks

3. Once downloaded, you need to launch it by clicking “launch.”

4. Now, you need to open “playstore” on BlueStacks.

snapchat download for windows install bluestacks

Sign in to your Google Playstore account with your email address and password to download Snapchat on PC:

1. Finally, search for Snapchat in the search bar on Playstore. Once you find the app click “install.”


get snapchat on computer install snapchat

2. Now, you will find the Snap app on the BlueStacks homepage. Open the app and sign in to your Snap account with your username and password.

snapchat download windows sign in to snap account

How To Download Snapchat On Mac?

Snapchat isn’t yet available on Mac app stores. Therefore, you need to download an emulator to download Snapchat on Mac. Therefore you need to download BlueStacks and link your Google account to get Snapchat from Playstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I install Snapchat download?

Ans. If you are an iOS user, you can install Snpachat from the Appstore. If you are an Android user, you can use Google Playstore to install Snapchat. Finally, if you want the app on your desktop, you need an emulator on your PC. Only then will you be able to download Snapchat on your computer.

Q2. Is there a way to use Snapchat on PC?

Ans. Yes, you can either download the app using an emulator on your PC from the Playstore, or you can use Snapchat plus on your PC

Q3. Is Snapchat download free?

Ans. You can download Snapchat free from the Appstore or Google Playstore. But if you want to use the Snapchat app on your phone for free, you need to have an emulator.

Q4. Can we use Snapchat on Chrome?

Ans. Yes, you can use Snapchat on Chrome. But you need to have the Snapchat plus version to use on Chrome. It has a monthly subscription of $3.99 for a month.

Q5. How to download Snapchat on Chromebook?

Ans. Open Google Playstore on your Chrome book and search Snapchat. Then tap install.

If you want to use Snapchat on your computer, you need to use the Snapchat plus version, which is available for $3.99 per month. Also, do not confuse the plus version with Snapchat++. Many users try to get Snap plus for free in place of the paid version. Do not fall prey to this, as it is a scam! As we discussed, if you want to use Snapchat on your browser, you can use it on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Wasn’t it easy to know how to use Snapchat on PC?