Audio Normalization Spotify: Everything You Need To Know

Set the Spotify normalize volume feature now!

You might sometimes notice blaring music on Spotify when the song track change from one to another. Audio normalization Spotify feature tries to reduce the chances of such situations and plays all songs at the same volume.

Artists record each song with different sound levels depending on the genre; therefore, there’s a rise in the volume. Unfortunately, this might cause deafening hearing loss too.

Listening to songs while traveling is unavoidable; therefore, you need to turn on audio normalization Spotify. Below is the step-by-step guide for it.

How To Turn On Spotify Audio Normalization On iPhone?

The features help you to listen to songs at an equal base without getting alarmed. Following are the steps to activate the Spotify volume normalization feature.

1. Open the Spotify app, and head to the settings

open Spotify-steps

2. Scroll down, and tap on playback.

3. Here, press the toggle button next to enable audio normalization.

enable audio normalization

Steps To Activate Spotify Audio Normalization On Android

While listening to songs on your Android phone, if you feel ample sound, you must know how to activate normalize volume feature—the steps for android and iPhones are nearly the same because, under settings, you will directly find the normalize volume feature.

1. Open the Spotify application, and go to the settings.

open Spotify-steps

2. Scroll down and press the toggle button to turn on the Spotify audio normalization.

press the normalize volume-spotify

Steps To Turn On Normalize Volume Spotify on Desktop

Above, we have discussed how to turn on the normalize volume of Spotify on your phones. However, if you run Spotify on your computer or laptop, here are the steps to do it on them.

1. Launch the Spotify account on your desktop, and go to the dropdown icon.

spotify dropdown

2. Select the settings option.

spotify settings

3. Under audio quality, tap on the toggle button to activate the normalize volume.

normalization volume-spotify

You will also recognize the difference in volume between Spotify radio and playlist. Since you now know how you can use audio normalization Spotify, you can regulate the sound levels on all your devices. So if you don’t want to hurt your ears anymore, you must turn on the feature immediately!