How To Add Lyrics To Spotify?

Upload the lyrics of your latest single on Spotify and make it a hit.

Lyrics are the soul of a song and a way for artists to connect with their listeners. It is also a way through which emotions are beautifully expressed through music. As a budding music artist, if you’re thinking about how to add lyrics to your Spotify songs, then this is the right place. This blog will answer all your queries regarding this and brief you about some of the best sites involved.

So by the end of the blog, all your doubts regarding how to add lyrics to Spotify will be solved so you can smoothly launch your music career.

How To Add Lyrics On Spotify Songs?

When you’re about to launch new music on the platform, you are so driven to make your fans connected to your music. Adding lyrics makes you look like a more professional artist. To upload a song’s lyrics successfully, you simply need to follow the following steps.

1. Get Your New Song On Spotify

Before learning how to add lyrics to Spotify song, you must upload your new single on the platform. In order to publish your new track, you need to collaborate with a digital distributor. These people are responsible for getting your music on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others.

2. Use A Music Catalog Platform To Add Lyrics

Once your song is up, you can’t directly add lyrics to Spotify. Here music catalog platforms like Musixmatch, Genius, and others come into the picture. After uploading the song on the platform, you must sign in with any music catalog platform of your choice.

3. Get Verified On Spotify

As an artist, first, you need to get your Spotify account verified. After signing up with Musixmatch or Genius, you must complete your Spotify verification as soon as possible. To complete your verification process, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website of Musixmatch or the Genius.
  • Fill in the required form found on the website and submit it.
  • Once the form is reviewed, you’ll get the verification mail.

This is the basic process you need to follow to get your song licensed and lyrics uploaded on Spotify. But are you still stuck with how to use music catalog platforms? Then we’ve also solved that so you can amplify the release of your new single in peace.

How To Add Lyrics On Spotify Using Musixmatch?

Musixmatch is the official partner of Spotify for licensing and getting song lyrics. Every song you listen to will have this name if you scroll down to the bottom of the lyrics. So let’s see how to add lyrics to Spotify using this site.

  1. Join or sign in to Musixmatch.
  2. Go to Musixmatch PRO.Add lyrics to Spotify
  3. Click on Join Now.
  4. Join the community being an Artist or Manager. You can join in using any plan of your choice.
  5. Add lyrics to Spotify After getting verified, add lyrics to Spotify using the platform.
  6. Make sure you follow all the guidelines while uploading the lyrics.
  7. Then sync the lyrics using the Musixmatch app on mobile or through the website.
  8. Next, add credits to your lyrics, including everyone who has worked on the project.
  9. Complete the whole process, and you’re good to go!

Add lyrics on Spotify


All artists want to connect with their fans and make them feel the emotional value of their songs. With our guide on how to add lyrics to Spotify songs, you can enhance your fans’ listening experience.