How To Create Bot In Telegram? Update 2023

Check out how you can create Telegram bot using Botfather for free.

Do you want to minimize the task of replying to every message on Telegram? Then you should definitely create bot in Telegram. Botfather is the only way to create a Telegram chatbot, as it is considered the father of all the bots on the platform. However, you will need to use the FlowXO (free third-party website) platform to activate your Telegram bot. Also, we recommend using the desktop version of Telegram to create a bot.

So let’s see in detail how to create a Bot in Telegram using FlowXO and grow your Telegram business.

How To Make Telegram Bot?

So as we have already introduced you to creating a Telegram chatbot, below, we will explain the detailed steps to make a Telegram bot and how to use it. But before that, you need to know about the Botfather. Also, make sure you are logged in to your Telegram Account.

Create bot with Botfather

It is the primary Bot on Telegram, and all the other bots are created only by chatting with the Botfather. In addition, the Botfather allows you to edit, rename, generate authorized tokens, etc, for your Telegram bot. So now that we know the purpose of the Botfather, let’s see the steps to create a Telegram chatbot:

Create Telegram Bot Using Bot Father

  • First, download the Telegram app on your desktop and log in with your Telegram account by scanning the QR code.
  • Next, search for Botfather in the search bar.

Click on the Verified Botfather.

Open telegram desktop

  • Click on Start in the chatbox.
  • Select /newbot as the response.
  • Now click on the Menu at the bottom left.
  • Select /newbot – create a new bot.
  • Enter the Name of your bot as a response.
  • Now choose the username for your bot. (The username must end with the word ‘bot.’)
  • You will receive a Bot token in the reply.
  • Copy The bot token.

Chat with Botfather

Access Your Telegram ChatBot Using FlowXo

  • Now go to google and search for FlowXO.
  • Create an account. ( you can use your Google account to sign in)
  • Click on New at the top left.
  • Select bot from the drop-down.

Go to FlowXo To create Telegram chatbot

  • Select Telegram from the pop-up.

Choose Telegram chatbot

  • Enter Your Name, Welcome text, and Bot username, and paste the Bot token.
  • In the next dialog box, you will receive a link to share.

Enter Bot details create Telegram bot

  • Select Start chat.
  • Click Done.

Start chat and Tap on Done

That’s it! Once you have successfully created your Telegram chatbot token, you can return to the Telegram app and start chatting with your new bot. We know it is a lengthy process, so we have broken it down the process into two sections.

Also, this process works better on desktop rather than on mobile. And keep in mind that you must always select the verified Botfather. FlowXO also provides bots for your other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Telegram Bots Free?

The Bot API makes it simple to create programs that use Telegram messages as an interface. In addition, you can create your customized Telegram clients using the Telegram API. Both APIs are available to you for free.

Q3. Are All Telegram Bots Safe To Create?

Yes, it is safe to create a Telegram bot. All Telegram messages are securely encrypted at all times. Messages in secret chats are encrypted using client-client, whereas cloud chats use client-server/server-client encryption and are encrypted in the Telegram cloud.

Q4. What Can Telegram Bots See?

Once you create a Telegram bot, all bots will receive every service message regardless of settings. All messages from private user chats. All messages from channels in which they participate.

Q5. What Are The Disadvantages Of Bots?

Specific chatbots have limited data availability and require some time to self-update. This procedure results in slower response times and more expensive solutions. In comparison to humans, chatbots make poor decisions. Some chatbots have poor memory and do not save previous conversations.

We have covered everything you need to know about how to create Telegram bot. The process is lengthy, but it is a very straightforward task. Also, we recommend using FlowXO because we tried and tested creating a bot on it. It is very user-friendly and, most importantly, free of cost. Finally, always select the verified Botfather to get a valid bot token. Without the bot token, you won’t be able to create a bot for Telegram.