How To Spot A Telegram Scam?

Don't fall prey to the scammers on Telegram!

You might have heard many Telegram scam recently and might be wondering how to spot one. If you are notified of the red flags, you won’t go, be the one to get scammed. In this guide, we have shared some ways that will help you to spot a scam.

Also, if you know of any family or friends that have fallen prey to the Telegram scams, then find out how to report a scammer on Telegram.

How To Find Out Telegram Scams?

Below are some ways to know if you are being scammed by someone on the Telegram app:

Telegram App Scam Through Fake Channels And Groups

Telegram App Scam

The scammers usually create duplicate accounts or groups of popular groups so they can assure the people that they are genuine. They might even have the same profile pictures and admins with the same usernames.

These con people usually set the group settings to broadcast only, so you won’t be able to respond to the messages. This group will usually promote giveaways and exciting offers.

When you become a part of such groups, the admins or some group members will try to reach out to you and get you to click on the promotional links. These links can sometimes churn out your personal information or details that can hack your accounts too.

Telegram Messenger Scam

If you do not reply to the group messages, some group members or admins can message you privately. They will lure you into visiting a phishing site that accesses your account.

Be cautious of the people who text you privately, as it gets hard to verify with the person you are communicating with.

Telegram Crypto Scams

This app mainly attracts people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Many con men appear as Crypto experts to churn out money from the users. Most of them claim to give you guaranteed returns or 50% additional returns on the investment. They might also display graphs and chats stating that your investments are increasing.

And when you finally try to take the earnings of the Telegram crypto scammers might disappear.

Telegram Bots

Fraudsters use telegram bots to engage people in real conversations so that they can share their bank account details, including their account numbers, passwords, or two-factor authentication code

These bots mostly create a false urgency through messages that force people to reveal their personal information. To protect yourself from these telegram phishing bots, you must keep an open eye for grammatical and spelling errors or strange phone numbers. Avoid replying to the ones who aren’t on your contact list.

How To Report Scammer On Telegram?

If you have already got scammed on Telegram, here’s what you need to do:

Block the scammer’s account: After you get scammed, do not delete your Telegram account, instead, the first thing you must do is block the scammer’s account. Here’s how you can block the user: Open the person’s profile. Tap on the three dots and finally select ‘block user.’

Report the Telegram Scam account or channel: Before you block the user or delete the history, take a screenshot of the conversation and the fraud. Once you have collected this information, you must send it to @notoscam on Telegram. You can also reach out to them on their website. Also, you can send an email to [email protected] with all the complaints.

When you created a telegram account, you did not think of getting scammed. You must be cautious and alert and look out for warning signs of theft. Look out for these red flags that we have mentioned in the blog to stay away from a Telegram scam.