Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools

What are the best WhatsApp marketing tools to use in 2022 to promote business?

We are going to talk about WhatsApp Bulk sender or WhatsApp marketing tools.

WhatsApp marketing is the way to go if you want to provide your clients with immediate and personalized experiences. Send automatic responses, offer help even when you’re not working, and make sure your message doesn’t get buried in their inbox.

In today’s digital age, marketing is evolving dramatically. Marketers started with simple directories and cold emails, progressing through some of the most enduring marketing channels like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, social media sensations like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, programmatic media buying, and finally,, arriving at the emerging Q&A platform Quora. However, most businesses overlooked the home messaging tool “WhatsApp ” in this journey. ” The good news is that corporations gradually recognize WhatsApp’s value. But, advertisements of any type are not permitted on WhatsApp. Instead, WhatsApp marketing software or WhatsApp business API is used to broadcast bulk messages.

WhatsApp Bulk Messages Sender: Best Marketing Tools


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WhatSo is a WhatsApp marketing program that automatically allows you to send mass WhatsApp messages to thousands of consumers. It will enable you to send mass messages containing photographs, documents, PDFs, and other attachments.


  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Customization is done automatically.
  • Fraud detection is simple.
  • Multiple contact storage Customizable sender ID
  • It assists you in importing all contact information from Excel, CSV, and TXT files.
  • Supported platform: Windows


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Wati is another popular WhatsApp marketing tool, but it’s limited to WhatsApp and can’t be used for other platforms. However, it makes switching to this tool much easier, and you won’t have to pay extra for things you won’t use.

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Wati offers precisely the right features, an easy-to-use UI, and a helpful customer care team. You can improve the efficiency of your business in only a few days by utilizing Wati to:


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  • Contacts may be filtered and segmented.
  • Create a custom WhatsApp chat widget for your website;
  • create and integrate an intelligent chatbot that doesn’t require any coding;
  • In only a few clicks, you may design and upload templates;
  • You can quickly view your dashboard on your phone;


Follow the link to learn more about the updated Wati pricing in different countries.


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Twilio is one of the most popular application programming interface (API) providers for communication services. It can serve as WhatsApp marketing software for all possible use cases and businesses.


  • Send and receive photos, music, PDFs, and locations over WhatsApp;
  • decrease your burden with rapid replies, logic-based options, and call to action buttons;
  • Twilio’s infinite built-in tools and connectors allow you to grow your communications as needed.


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Zoko is a WhatsApp marketing solution that aids in the scaling of your WhatsApp number in order to increase revenue. Depending on the query type, it can generate tickets for different agents.

Bulk messages sender


  • Incoming and outgoing texts are both free on Zoko.
  • Increase team accountability and communication.
  • It allows for customized chats.
  • WhatsApp Can Help You Grow Your Business


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These were some of the best WhatsApp marketing tools that you can use to increase your revenue and these tools have proven to benefit and improve your sales. WhatsApp marketing is an excellent approach to cutting through the noise and building a fresh relationship with your audience. You may play with your tone of voice to create one-of-a-kind activities for your audience or give round-the-clock assistance. Also, master the art of creating effective video marketing strategies along with the techniques of WhatsApp marketing tools.