How To Download Twitch Clips In 2022?

Now you can save your favorite Twitch moment!

Twitch streams are known for running on for hours, so it makes sense that you’d want to download only a clip from the entire stream. If you are wondering how to download Twitch clips, you have to wonder no longer.

Earlier, there was no direct way to save Twitch clips from the platform, so people used third-party softwares. But now you can use the Twitch download clip feature to download the clips you like directly from the platform easily. Downloaded clips will stay with you forever unless you delete them. So you no longer have to worry about Twitch streams being taken down by the creator or the platform itself. If you like one that much, you will have it downloaded offline.

In this article, we will see how to download Twitch clips:

How To Download Clips From Twitch?download-twitch-clips

You can save Twitch clip in your clips content collection on Twitch and then download them directly onto your device. These clips can be from your own Twitch content that you have uploaded on the platform, or they can be clips you have clipped from other streamers.

Here are the steps on how to download clips from twitch:

  1. Open Twitch and click on your profile icon.
  2. Select ‘Creator dashboard’ and then select Content from the left sidebar.creator-dashboard-twitch
  3. Now select Clips and click on the clip you want to download.
  4. Finally, click on the share button and click Download.

As long as you have clips saved on your Twitch profile, you can download them to your device. These clips can be of any length you want, and you can even download multiple clips at a time.

How To Clip On Twitch?

Well, if your problem starts with you not knowing how to make Twitch clips, let us tell you how. To download twitch clips, you first need to save a Twitch clip to your clips folder. And to save a clip, you need to find the moment in a stream that you want to clip.

Here are the steps to clip a stream on Twitch:

  1. Open a Twitch stream and click on the clip icon at the bottom right corner of the video.
  2. Slide the slider to the part you want to clip and adjust it accordingly. Then title the clip, so it’s easier to discover.clip-on-twitch
  3. Click Publish to save the clip.

That is how you clip on Twitch. You can easily find this clip in your content section on Twitch and download it by following the steps in the section above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Download A Clip From Twitch?

Follow these steps for Twitch download clip:

  • Open Creator dashboard on Twitch
  • Open Content
  • Select Clips
  • Click on a clip
  • Click Share
  • Click Download

Q2. Is There A Way To Convert A Clip To MP4 Format?

Clips you download from Twitch automatically get converted into mp4 format.

Q3. How To Save Twitch Clips On Mobile?

Follow these steps to save twitch clip on mobile:

  • Open Twitch app
  • Open a stream
  • Tap on the video to open options
  • Tap on the create clip button
  • Open the created clip and make your edits
  • Add a title
  • Tap Publish

Q4. How To Find & Copy The Twitch Clip Link?

You will find the link to the Twitch clip when you click on the share button next to the clip. You can just Ctrl+C to copy the link off of the clipboard.

Q5. What Is The Maximum Length Of A Clip That I Can Download?

You can download a clip for up to 1 minute on Twitch.


Are you wondering how to download Twitch clips? Here is your answer!

First, you need to save a Twitch clip in your dashboard, which you can do by using the clipping feature Twitch provides. Once you have your clipped video, you can find it in the content section and download it from there. You will just need to click the share button, and then you will find the download button. Alternatively, if you are using a third-party clipping tool to download a longer clip, you can copy the URL from the share option.

Some users even want to download entire streams from Twitch. For that Twitch leecher is the best bet!