How To Make Money On Twitch?

Tried & Tested Ways You Must Know To Make Money On Twitch!

If you have just started your Twitch channel, you will want to know how to make money on Twitch. As you know, the platform mainly focuses on streaming video games. But that does not mean you cannot earn money if you are not a gamer. But you can also stream creative content and music.

This platform also offers paid subscriptions that allow its viewers to donate money to new streamers. Here’s your chance to know how to make money on Twitch in 2023 and become a popular streamer.

How Do You Make Money On Twitch?

How Do You Make Money On Twitch

Here are the top seven guaranteed ways that will help you to earn money on the Twitch streaming platform:

Join Twitch Affiliate Marketing

Through the Twitch affiliate program, affiliates can get money from Twitch Bits and purchase specific games. You can promote goods and services associated with the niche and profit from each sale if your stream is centered on that particular market or game.

Merchandise On Twitch To Make Money

Twitch allows you to sell your own products and make money. This can include t-shirts, mugs, caps, keychains, or anything else related to your game or channel.

Avail Of The Twitch Partner Program

If you become a part of the Twitch Partner Program, you can earn some portion of the ad revenue from the ads run on your streams. To make money from the ad revenue, you must stream regularly and have an audience and a community that supports you.

You need to stream for 25 hours on 12 days with a minimum of 75 viewers on average.

Use Twitch Bits

If you are a part of a Twitch affiliate, then you can make money from Bits. You can earn virtual currency from your viewers as donations and support. One Twitch Bit is one cent. But you can set a minimum amount of Bits that your followers can send.

Accept Donations From Your Subscribers

If you’re a beginner and cannot become an affiliate marketing or partner program, that doesn’t mean you cannot make money on Twitch. You can request your followers to support you with donations on Twitch. You can set up donations on your channel using Streamlabs or the PayPal donations option.

Partner With Brands To Make Money On Twitch

Once your channel gets popular, you can reach out to brands and businesses for partnerships or sponsorships. Influencer Marketing is trending in the markets, so if you have a large following, you will have many opportunities for sponsorships.

Upload Twitch Streams On YouTube

You can make small videos and upload them on YouTube shorts. Because according to the new YouTube Partner Program, you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months or 10 million views on shorts in 90 days.

If music or gaming is your genre, you can quickly build your YT channel and build your community on Twitch.

How Does Twitch Pay You?

If your status is payable and your balance exceeds $50 or $100, you will receive your payment on or around the 15th of each month. Visit your Payout History to confirm that a payout is sent to you around the 15th of every month.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Sub?

If you are a part of the Twitch Partner Program, you can easily earn 50% of the $4.99 per month cost. And the other 50% stays with the streaming platform itself.

Now that you have all the information on how to make money on Twitch, today is the day to start! This is one of the best platforms to start streaming and earning compared to YouTube. The competition on YT is quite challenging as compared to Twitch. But once you get the hang of it and get popular on Twitch, you can also work on your YT channel.