How To Squad Stream On Twitch?

What is squad stream and how to use it?

If you do not know anything about Twitch squad stream, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about it. Let’s start with the basics first. What is squad stream? How to squad stream on Twitch?

To start a squad stream, follow these quick steps from your Twitch desktop: From the Creator Dashboard> Choose Stream Manager> Quick Actions> Squad Stream>Add channel. 

What Is A Squad Stream?

This feature is handy if you and your streaming friends are on the same team. So, here are a few things about this cool new feature:

Twitch squad stream

  • You can add up to four friends to stream with.
  • Before adding a Squad Stream, add the other Twitch users as your friends first.
  • This feature is available only for those with a Twitch Partner account.
  • Grow your community and watch top streamers. 

How To Squad Stream Together? (Desktop)

In this section, we will go over the steps so that you and your friends can be on the same team in a single window and give others a glimpse of your teamwork. This way, you can watch multiple streams on Twitch. 

  • On your Desktop, navigate to twitch. tv 

twitch on desktop

  • Once you are on the main page of your Twitch, tap on your profile picture in the right corner of the page.
  • Click on Creator Dashboard.

squad stream

  • Tap on Stream manager.

twictch squad stream

  • Tap on Quick Actions and click on the + icon.

quick actions

  • Go to Squad Stream and tap on + channel to add friends to your squad.

squad stream

  • Now in this step, start typing the names of the users you want on your team.

squad stream on twitch


How To Watch The Stream?

If a channel participates in a squad streaming, a Watch in Squad Mode button will appear under their viewing window. When you click it, you can see everyone’s feeds at once. You may exit squad mode by selecting the exit button just to the right of the chat window.

That’s it!  The steps above explain how to squad stream on Twitch.

Now, other users can view your combined stream in a single window. We hope this article on how to squad stream on Twitch was insightful for you. With the help of this guide, you can easily create your squad. All you have to do is go to creator dashboard> Stream Manager>Quick Actions> Squad Stream> Add channel> Add friends.

Watch multiple streams at once now on Twitch because it is also advantageous for your channel. Increase your viewership, and grow your channel. You can make someone VIP on your channel, add moderators, and distribute Twitch badges to loyal followers and users.