How To Find Old Tweets?

Here's how you can find yours and someone else's tweets on Twitter.

If you are an active tweeter, you would have tweeted a lot till now. And there’s a possibility that you won’t even remember your first tweet. So if you want to know how intelligent you were while writing your first tweet, you must learn how to find old tweets.

You may find multiple third-party tools online that claim to find your old tweets on Twitter. To be really honest, we have tested a few tools but didn’t get the desired result. Therefore to know how to find old tweets, you must go for effective techniques like those mentioned below.

How To Search Old Tweets?

There’re two ways to search old tweets on the platform. You can either use the advanced search feature or this string “from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd.” Finding old tweets is straightforward and super easy with these methods. Below is the complete instruction given to discover your old tweets.

Use The String To Find Old Tweets On Twitter

1. Open the Twitter application, and head to the search bar.

twitter-search bar-steps

2. In the search bar, you have to use the string. Write your username and the time of the tweet when it was posted.

3. Here’s an example of how you can utilize the string to find your old tweets. Type “from:shivani_rai_ since:2020-12-30 until:2022-12-30”

search string-old tweets-find

4. Once you search for it, you will find your old posts under the top tweet section. If you go to the latest, you will find your recent tweets.

find old tweets-twitter

Use The Advanced Search Feature To Find Old Tweets

1. Go to the search box and click on the advanced search option on the screen under search filters.

advanced search-twitter

2. Scroll down on the pop-up and under the account section, type your username.

twitter username-steps

3. After that, scroll way down and under the date section, enter the date, month, and tweet’s year. If you can’t recall the date and month of the tweet, the year will work.

4. Once you fill in all the required detail, click on the search button at the top.

search old tweets-steps

This is how you can look up old tweets on the platform. You can also utilize these methods to find someone’s old tweets on Twitter.

How To See Old Tweets On Application?

You won’t find the advanced search feature on your application. So to see old tweets, the only thing you can do is use strings. However, while using strings, you have to be a little attentive so you don’t take extra space between the words. It should be exactly how it is shown above. The string will also help you to find and pin someone’s tweet on Twitter.

search string-application

Why Can’t I See My Old Tweets?

One of the reasons why you can’t find old tweets is that Twitter shows only 800 of your latest tweets in the section. So if you are someone who is using Twitter for ages, you might not find your older tweets. Still, you can use the techniques mentioned to try your luck!

There could be multiple reasons why you want to look up old tweets. You might have tweeted meaningless tweets back then or written about a certain topic that is different from your current niche. And now that you know how to find old tweets, you don’t need to fret much. You can delete all those tweets with a few clicks anytime you wish.