How To Make Money From Twitter?

Want to know how to use the micro-blogging site to earn some dollars? Keep reading on!

Twitter is the only social media platform today that allows micro-blogging. And like other platforms, do you wonder how to make money from Twitter? As you know, Twitter is one of the best platforms to spread your word, but can you monetize it? Honestly, your account can become your side hustle, and you can make money from this platform by using various tactics like affiliate marketing, ghostwriting, etc.

So wait no more and keep reading on to learn how to make money from Twitter and become rich in no time!

How To Make Money On Twitter?

As easy as it seems to make money from Twitter, you must ensure that your profile is ready for the marketing strategies. You need two things to monetize your Twitter.

  1. Make a professional or business profile on Twitter.
  2. Grow Your Twitter Followers. (Minimum 10k followers recommended)

Anyone can turn an average Twitter profile into a business/professional account. But on the other hand, earning followers is a tricky part. But if you are consistent and regularly work on your profile, you will see a remarkable growth on your account. So now that’s out of the way, we have ten tips to make money from Twitter that you can use for your benefit.

1. Become A Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a very common way to get paid on Twitter. You don’t even need your profile. You can write tweets for another person or a business account on Twitter and earn money based on how many tweets or threads you write.

Become a Ghostwriter

Usually, the CEOs of a business do not have time to sit and think of tweet ideas to post on their profile. So, they hire a social media manager or a ghostwriter for their account and pay them to post tweets.

As a ghostwriter, you need relevant information about the business you are writing for, and that’s it! So create threads and tweets and post them on your given deadlines. You can easily earn at least a 6 figure income just by ghostwriting on Twitter.

2. Affiliate Marketing To Make Money From Twitter

Becoming an affiliate on Twitter is one of the best ways to earn extra dollars. All you have to do is get an affiliate link from the brand and tweet about the brand and post the link in the tweet. Then, you get a commission whenever someone clicks on the link and visits the website.

Affiliate Marketing To Make Money From Twitter

Remember that the user must purchase or get the service by clicking on your link. This is not the quickest way to make money from Twitter, but if you be consistent, you will surely gain success over time.

3. Amplify Pre-roll Twitter Program To Make Money On Twitter

This program allows publishers to earn money by pre-roll advertisements from various brands partnered with Twitter. These advertisements will play before the video you post on Twitter. To make money from Twitter Amplify program, you need to join the program. The requirements are

  • The user must be 18 years or older.
  • Verified Twitter account with a good amount of followers.
  • Publish brand-safe content and follow the Twitter content guidelines.
  • Be an active user.

Amplify Pre-roll Twitter Program

Now when people watch your videos with the pre-roll advertisements, your Twitter gets monetized, and you earn money.

4. Post Sponsored Tweets

Once you have followers in the range of 5-10k and above, brands start collaborating with you to promote their products on your social media accounts. This is also known as influencer marketing. You can use this tactic to make money from Twitter.

Post Sponsored Tweets

All you need to do is post a tweet showing that you use a particular brand and ensure the tweet contains #sponsored or #ad. In addition, you can also add the brand’s website, and when the purchases are made through your tweet, you get paid on Twitter.

5. Grow Your Email List To Make Money From Twitter

Today, Automated emails have become a great source of income for digital marketers. Email marketing is when you send mass emails to people who have subscribed to your website or newsletter. For example, sending regular auto-generated emails about your sales, discounts, and new product announcements to your consumers can benefit you to get paid on Twitter.

Grow Your Email List To Make Money From Twitter

You can add the link to the subscription to your tweet and post it on your account. You have more leads and potential customers as your target market when more people subscribe to your email list.

6. Make Money From Twitter With Super Follows

The super follow feature was rolled out in India in September 2021. However, it is only available for people who have Twitter followers above 10k. This feature allows content creators on Twitter to make money by charging a monthly subscription of $9.99. On the other hand, content creators have to provide their subscribers with unique content that the subscribers request.

Twitter With Super Follows


7. Charge Your Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces was launched in November 2020. Spaces is an extension of the micro-blogging site where the users can have audio discussions on various topics. People with multiple niches can start a podcast, and users can join them to learn their favorite topics.

Charge Your Twitter Spaces

Another plus point is Twitter Spaces is accessible from your mobile devices. Due to its popularity, the micro-blogging site upgraded to Ticketed Spaces. People must pay a certain amount to access your podcasts or audio content here. So if you have a lot of educational content, you can start with Ticketed Spaces on Twitter to make money.

8. Start A Twitter Community

Building an online community is easy these days using your social media. For example, you can use your Twitter account to get members for your community. In addition, you can make money from Twitter by providing a monthly subscription for $5 and earning up to $5000. It might take time to build a successful community, but once your loyal fans realize your worth, you will get your desired outcome.

Start A Community

9. Make Money From Twitter Giveaways

If you are a brand or a business on Twitter, you can start a giveaway on special occasions or festivals. Ask people to comment on your giveaway tweet, select three winners, and gift them your products. If you are a content creator, partner with a brand and host a giveaway on your channel. This way, you can make money from Twitter collaboration.

Make Money From Giveaways

10. Get Contracts From Twitter To Make Money

If you are a freelancer, you can start by tweeting your projects and prices and get clients. Show off your skills and previous works you have done as a freelancer. Keep offers and discounts for your projects and be consistent. Indeed you will find your client base, and you can make money from Twitter by just tweeting about your freelancing. This will also help you build your engagement with people, and you might connect with many creative people on Social media.

Get Contracts

The social media micro-blogging platform is still upgrading its monetizing methods and providing its users with various tactics to make money from Twitter. It’s still in the experimental phase, bringing out many features like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Now that you know how to make money from Twitter, you can earn anywhere between $1k to $50k if you become a successful content creator. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your account and get that extra cash flow with your online side hustle.