How To Search Tweets By Date?

Now search any tweets you want without using any third-party apps.

Do you sometimes remember an old tweet from a celebrity and wonder how to search tweets by date? Celebs post a lot of content on their Twitter and other social media profiles daily. And it can be challenging to find a tweet by date on the platform. But it’s not impossible! The advanced search feature on Twitter allows you to enter many details to get the exact tweet from someone.

This guide will help you to use the advanced features and search tweets by date.

How To Find Tweets By Date? (Desktop)

To save yourself from unwanted controversies over some old tweets, it’s essential to keep track of your previous tweets. If you are an online business owner, it also helps you to be in check of your Twitter activity throughout the year.

So, here’s how you can search tweets by date on Twitter.

  • Open your browser and enter this link in the address bar
  • You will be directed to the Advanced search page on your Twitter profile.
  • Now, in the dialogue box, scroll down to the Accounts section and enter the required usernames in the boxes given.

How To Find Tweets By Date

  • Then scroll down to the Dates and enter the From and To month and dates.
  • Click on the Search button at the top right corner of the dialogue box.

In the words section, you can enter the specific keyword you are searching for to get more accurate results. Once you click the search button, you will see the exact tweet.

How To Search Twitter By Date? (iOS & Android)

The advanced search option is more accessible on the desktop. However, you can use this link in your mobile browser to search tweets by date and follow the steps mentioned above. The Twitter app users can follow the method below to find tweets by dates without the advanced search feature.

  • Open the Twitter app and tap on the search icon at the bottom.
  • Now Search the tweet you want in this particular format- from:[user name] since: YYYY-MM-DD until: YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Now tap the search icon on your keyboard.

Search Tweets by date in mobile

You will probably find the exact tweet from the person you are looking for. Another way to find tweets by date is to type a keyword you want in the search bar and tap on the Latest option. This will give a vast list of search results related to your query. Find the one you want, and you are good to go!

If you are looking for a tweet with a particular image, you can use the Twitter image search feature and find the exact tweet. If you want to see your previous tweets, you can go to your profile and the tweets and replies section and scroll down to find the tweet you wish to. Or use the advanced search feature. Using this feature, you can also search for old Twitter threads. So, go on and search Tweets by date and delete the ones that can get you a huge social media controversy you want to avoid!