How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone For Free in 2023?

Best way to save and watch YouTube videos offline for free on ios devices

Downloading YouTube videos without YouTube premium is a tiring process. First, you have to find reliable third-party apps and then download the videos. More often than not, the downloaded videos are hard to find on your device, and in most cases, these videos disappear on their own after some time. For iPhone, the trouble of downloading and saving YouTube videos is three-fold. But let’s not get into the long list of things ios devices can’t access. Instead, let’s talk about what can be done to downloaded YouTube videos on iPhone devices.

This article will share a sure-shot and trusted way to download YouTube videos on iPhone and watch it later offline anytime you wish!

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone’s Photos Album?

Step 1: Download Documents by Readdle

There are a number of third-party apps that allow users to download videos from YouTube. However, none of these apps are available on the Appstore. Documents by Readdle is a finder app for ios that allows iPhone users to save, arrange, play and convert documents without any hassle.

download- youtube -videos-iphone

Download the Documents app on your iPhone and open it. After the tour of the app, you will be asked to upgrade to the premium version. Click on the cross to the left.

Step 2: Copy the YouTube Video Link You Wish to Save on your iPhone

The next step to save a YouTube video on your ios device is copying the YT video link. To copy the video link, you need to open YouTube and play the video. Then tap on the share and copy link option.

youtube -videos-iphone-offline-guide

Step 3: Open the in-app browser and find a YouTube video downloader

Now go back to your Documents app and tap on the Safari icon at the bottom. It will open the in-app browser. You can search for anything here. Lookup a YouTube Video downloader like YT1s.

Open the YouTube video downloader and paste the YouTube video link in the empty box.

youtube -videos-iphone-offline

Step 4: Download the MP4 version of the YouTube video

After pasting the YouTube video link, you want to save on your iPhone, click on “convert.”

  • Select the format and quality you want to download the video in. You can save the YouTube video in MP4 or Mp3 format. In MP3, only the audio will be downloaded. So select Mp4 video from the list to save the video and audio of the YouTube video.
  • Tap on “Get Link” 
  • Tap on the Get Link button twice or till you see the “Download” button
  • Tap on “Download” till you are taken to the next screen.
  • You can change the name of the file if you want. Once done, Tap on “Done.”

save-youtube -videos-iphone

The video will now start downloading; you can see it in the download tab at the bottom. All the downloaded content will appear here until you clear it. The YouTube video is now downloaded on your iPhone.

Step 5: Save the Video in Your Photos Album

You have successfully downloaded the YouTube video using the Documents app. Now it’s time to move this video to your Photos album, where you can access it easily. Like the rest of the guide, this step is also very straightforward.

  • Tap on the files icon from the bottom menu
  • Go to your Downloads folder
  • Tap on the three dots below the downloaded YT video.
  • Tap on Move to send the video to the Photos album on your ios device

download -videos-iphone

  • Tap on My files
  • Select Photos
  • Click on the Move option in the top right corner.

download yt videos iphone


Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded a YouTube video on your iPhone and saved it in Photos. Open the Photos app to view the newly downloaded video.

Downloading YouTube videos on iPhone has always been a tricky issue, but with the “Documents” app, it’s no longer a headache. You can easily download YouTube videos on your iPhone for free. In addition, you can view these videos offline anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy streaming YouTube videos offline on iPhone for free!