How Many People Can Use YouTube Tv?

Here is the number of people who can use YouTube Tv!

Are you wondering how many people can use YouTube Tv? If yes, this blog is for you!

So,  the number of people who can stream on YouTube Tv at once is three. Yes! We know it is less than you expected. But it is still better than Hulu live Tv and Fubo Tv, which come with only two streams.

Now, let’s look at other information on how many people can use YouTube Tv.

How Many Devices Can You Have On YouTube Tv?

How Many Devices Can You Have On YouTube Tv

YouTube Tv is currently available in the United States. So, if you reside there, you can enjoy its service nonstop! However, if you are desired to know how many devices can you have on YouTube Tv, remember that you can connect only up to 3 devices to your YouTube Tv subscription. And if you want to connect more devices, you can use other video streaming platforms like PlayStation Vue.

Here you get the answer to how many TVs can you have on YouTube Tv. But, with that, you should also know where you can access your YouTube Tv subscription. We mention the list of streaming platforms you can use!

  • Roku 
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple Tv
  • Fire Tv
  • Smart TVs
  • Google Nest Hub
  • PS4 and PS5

Currently, you have 85 channels you can access on YouTube Tv. It includes all kinds of channels, whether news, entertainment, kids’ shows, sports, or anything.

Can I Download YouTube TV Content to Multiple Devices? 

After you know how many people can use YouTube tv, if you are wondering if can you download YouTube TV content, so the answer is it depends on the subscription you have purchased. The base plan is 64.99$ per month, which allows you to watch content online with a proper internet connection. However, if you buy the YT Tv base plan of 4k plus, you can download the videos you want to watch offline!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What Is YouTube Tv?

YouTube Tv is a streaming service that helps you to access live. You can access over 85 channels like ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX, BBC, etc.

Q2. How Many TVs Can You Have On YouTube Tv?

If you are wondering how many TVs can you have on YouTube Tv, so let me tell you that you can connect only three devices to your YouTube subscription.

Q3. What Channels Are On YouTube TV?

YouTube Tv has channel lists that it can use anytime, such as ABC, Bravo, Food Network, Disney, Paramount Network, etc.

Q4. What Is The Downside Of YouTube TV?

We can’t say goodbye to you just by telling you how many devices can use YouTube tv. We also have to tell you some downsides to know if it is worth it! So, the main drawback of YouTube is its subscription price and limited RSN. Besides that, you will also see annoying Tv ads you usually see on TVs. 

Q5. How Much Is YouTube TV A Month?

You can get a YouTube TV subscription for 64.99$ a month. The service provides you with 85+ TV channels to watch shows.

Q6. Is YouTube Tv Account Sharing Allowed?

Yes, you can share your YouTube Tv with almost three people in a row. So, if you want to share it with your family & friends, you can do it freely!


So, now you know how many people can use YouTube Tv in one go!

Now go and call your three friends or family members to stream on YouTube Tv and watch the show you want. As we mentioned, it has more than  85+ channels within. So you can watch anything from news to entertainment in just one touch!

We also mentioned some streaming platforms here which you can use to stream on YouTube Tv. So in case, your YouTube Tv isn’t working correctly while streaming, you can contact YT Tv there and there. And if you do not know how to do it, here is how you can get YouTube TV!