How To Block YouTube Ads On Android?

No more YouTube ads now!

If you want uninterrupted entertainment, you should free YouTube from unnecessary ads. Now, if you are wondering how you can block YouTube ads on android, this blog will help you know.

YouTube ads are super annoying, especially when we don’t get the skip button on the video. But don’t worry! Now, you can use these ways to remove ads from the video. Let’s look at the process of block YouTube ads on Android in super easy ways!

How To Block Ads On YouTube For Android In 2022?

how to block youtube ads on android

Ads are becoming a revenue generator for YouTubers. Therefore, you see 2-3 ads in your single video. However, you don’t need to tolerate this anymore! Here we have mentioned a hack that can help you to block YouTube ads android in a few clicks!

Steps To Block YouTube Ads Android

  • Launch YouTube on your chrome.
  • Open any random video. 
  • Once the ad starts, go to the video link at the top of the search bar.
  • Now, add hyphen after the t in YouTube word. Just like this: yout-ube to block YouTube ads android.
  • Once you do it, press the enter key!

Ad-blocking Browser

ad blocker-remove ads on youtube

This is one of the effective ways you can use to say no to YouTube ads. Now, if you are wondering what the best YouTube ad blocker android is, here is the list for you:

  • Brave
  • Ghostery
  • AVG Browser
  • TOR Browser
  • AdGuard
  • AdBlock

You can get this application from Play Store anytime! Also, you might face problems using AdBlock sometimes. So, in this situation, you can switch to another ad blocker. Or else you can find ways to Fix AdBlock online!

YouTube Premium Subscription Block YouTube Ads Android

yt premium to remove ads

We would say YouTube is a real gamer! Because one side, YT is allowing the content creator to put 2-3 ads in their videos. And on the other hand, YT asks us to buy YouTube premium so that they can earn money. So, if you see, it is a win-win situation for YouTube.

Now, whenever we open YouTube on our phones, the first interface we see is YT premium. And if you want to keep your YouTube ad-free and enjoy YT premium benefits, you should know the list of YT premium benefits!

  1. You get Ad-free videos (Of course)
  2. You can watch pre-downloaded videos in offline mode.
  3. You get a free YouTube music subscription.
  4. You can get access to original shows, movies, videos, etc.
  5. You can watch the video even if your screen is off!

YouTube Premium “Lite” Subscription

youtube premium lite to get rid of yt ads

This is another thing you can do to remove YouTube ads from your android phone. The premium lite subscription is mainly built for ad-free videos. So if you buy a YT lite subscription, you can avail of only one benefit: YouTube, no ads android. And you won’t be able to use other benefits like background and screen-off playback and offline mode pre-downloaded video. 

Use VPN To Remove YouTube Ads

Are you wondering how to block ads on the YouTube app android using a VPN? Then listen to this! Not all VPN services block ads, but some consists of ad blocking feature that blocks ads like AdShield. People have been using AdShield ad-block operator for so long. So you can trust it! However, if you are utilizing some other VPN, ensure that it is safe or trustworthy!

Download  To Watch Ad-free

This is the easiest way to block YouTube ads on android devices. But to download the video, you must have a premium version of YouTube. Because if not, you have to look for some third-party applications. You can use YouTube app and website to save the video on your phone.

List Of Top Best Adblock YouTube App

Now you know how to block ads on YouTube app. Some apps might not be able to assist you in getting rid of adverts. Therefore, here we have mentioned the list of Adblock YouTube apps for android users.

  1. TotalAdblock
  2. AdBlock Plus
  3. AdBlock
  4. uBlock Origin
  5. AdBlocker Ultimate
  6. Ghostery
  7. AdBlock Stick
  8. Adblocker for YouTube
  9. AdGuard AdBlocker
  10. Fair AdBlocker
  11. StopAd
  12. Ad Muncher
  13. Video Ad Blocker Plus

This is how you can block YouTube ads on android. And with this, our today’s query is solved. Now, by any chance, if you find YouTube auto-play as infuriating as YT ads, here is the way to turn off auto play feature on YT.  You can also download YouTube videos to watch them ad-free.