How To Edit YouTube Videos?

Edit your YT videos using this technique!

If you have a handful of money to spend on some editing software, you must know how to edit YouTube videos free on the platform.

The platform offers basic video editing features inside the YouTube studio. You can use them to make minor changes or edit the video on a fundamental level, like adding songs, trimming and cutting, blurring scenes, etc.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to edit YouTube videos using the web-based/in-built video editor provided by the platform.

How To Edit YouTube Videos For Free?

The web-based video editor is absolutely free for anyone to use. You can use it to edit videos before or after you upload them. However, you might face issues uploading the video if you haven’t chosen the correct YouTube video format. Now, let’s check out the guide on how to edit YouTube videos for free.

1. Log in to your YouTube channel on Chrome, and navigate to the profile page at the top-right.

open youtube-steps

2. Go to the YouTube studio and click on content.

youtube studio-edit a video

3. You will see all your YouTube videos; select the video you want to trim.

edit youtube video-steps

4. You can go to the editor to edit the video, add a subtitle, and put links into the YouTube descriptions.

5. Now, go to the editor option on the left panel and edit the YouTube videos.

in-built editor-yt

6. You can trim & cut, blur the face and custom, and add audio and videos to the end screen.

editing tools-youtube-steps

7. Once you are done editing, click the save changes button at the top.

save chnanges-yt

Steps To Edit YouTube Playlist On Desktop

Editing a YT playlist is the best way to keep your video list organized and accessible. Here’s how to edit YouTube playlist videos on a desktop.

1. Open YouTube on Chrome, and click on the playlist on the left sidebar.

select the youtube playlist

2. Click on the pencil icon on the playlist, and edit it according to your desire.

edit youtube video-steps

3. You can change the name, privacy settings, and order of the YouTube playlist. 

edit yt playlist

How To Edit Downloaded YT Video?

You cannot use the in-built editor to edit the downloaded Youtube video. But you can use multiple editing tools, like Flixier, iMovie, Inshot, Adobe Premiere Rush, etc, available online. These tools will help you to perform advanced editing after downloading the video.

YouTube’s in-built video editor is completely free, but it provides only the elementary tools to edit the video. Now that you know how to edit YouTube videos, you must share them on other social media platforms as soon as your video is finished and uploaded. This is the best way to grow your YouTube channel and get sponsored.