How To Message Someone On YouTube?

Now you can message anyone on YouTube without the YT DM feature. Here you can know how!

Since the streaming platform YouTube withdrew the messaging feature, are you wondering how to message someone on YouTube? Here you will get the answer!

So, we have mentioned five alternate ways you can use to message anyone on YouTube, including your favorite creator. You might want to give suggestions on their content, or you want to interact because you are a big fan!

For that, you can do something like finds their email address, connect with them on social media accounts, comment on public posts, etc.

Below is the proper guide on how to message someone on YouTube anytime, regardless of the reasons. So let’s get started!

How Do You Message Someone On YouTube?

Since YouTube has removed the private messaging option from the application, it becomes difficult to connect with the creators. And you must be wondering if can you message someone on YouTube. However, to answer this question, we have brought some amazing hacks that will help you connect with your favorite character. Let’s look at hacks you can do one by one!

1. Use Their Email Address

This is one of the wisest ways to know how to DM on YouTube. So, Google requires an email account to create a YouTube channel for anybody. So, you can get someone’s email address just by entering their information on the home page. If you don’t know where you can find it, follow these steps!

  • Open your YouTube channel and search for the YouTuber you want to message.

search youtuber name-steps-to message someone on YT

  • Once you get their channel on your screen, click on it.

click on the channel name-steps-how to dm someone on YT

  • This will locate you on the channel home page. 
  • Here, go to the about option in the last.

click on about to message someone on Youtube

  • Click on the view email address button.

view youtuber's email address-steps

  • Once you click on it, you will get your email address.

youtuber's email address-to dm someone on Youtube-steps

You don’t have to think twice about whether can you message someone on YouTube! You can use their email address to connect with them. And if it doesn’t work out, you can move to our second method, connecting them on a social site.

2. Contact On Social Media

You can take little effort to find their social media platforms. Because when it comes to how to DM a YouTuber, you can visit their site and find their contact info on the YT channel page, including social media accounts.

So to get social media accounts, you need to go to their YouTube home page again. You will see social media icons in the right corner, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, click on them, and there you go!

social media accounts-steps

If you want to share comments on any video privately, you can do that by sharing YouTube videos on Instagram or any social networking website.

If they didn’t link their social media accounts on their channel, don’t worry about how to DM on YouTube now. You can find them manually and message them anytime! Just go to your Instagram, search for their name, and see if you can catch their Id. Also, you may or may not receive the reply to the text you sent, so what will you do? In this case, we are left with our last hope: commenting on public posts.

3. Comment On The Video Post

search youtuber name-steps-to message someone on YT

Because of a busy schedule, creators only get time to go through some messages they receive on social media. This is another way you can seek to know how to DM a YouTuber.

We are sure you would have commented on the creator’s video earlier to praise them. However, today you need to let them know you have tried connecting them on other sites. You can go to their recent video and leave your message in the comment section.

Anyone can see your comment because video comments are open to everyone. So ensure to sound polite in your text.

This method can help you to contact the users. However, what if these methods fail? What will you do then? We have noted bonus tips that will help you connect with the creator briskly! Read further to know them!

4. Comment On YouTube Story

tap on youtuber's profile-story-steps-to message your favorite creator

Now, if you are wondering how to DM a Youtuber with a YT story, then you must read further! Creators keep their audience updated about what is happening in their life with YouTube stories. So yes, commenting on the YouTube story can work for you!

Keep your eye on the creator’s channel, and when they add a story, go and comment on it. If you do it, there is a high chance of receiving a response from them.

5. Connect On Live Session

send message in live-steps-to dm someone on YT

What could be better than a face-to-face chat when you are dying to connect with your favorite creator? We are suggesting you do this because this could be beneficial for you. However, ensure to attend their live session what come may. And for that, you can turn on the notification of the channel. So whenever a user comes live, you will get notified immediately!

So, after you know how to DM on TikTok, if you like the creator too much, you can also learn how to get a transcript of YT videos of your favorite YouTuber!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Send Messages On YouTube In 2022?

No, you can’t send a message on YouTube because DM’s feature was removed from the application. However, we have mentioned other ways to help you send messages to YouTubers. Here are some five methods you must try!

  • Use their email address
  • Find their social media to connect
  • Comment on the public post
  • Reply to the YouTube story
  • Connect with them on live.

Q2. Did YouTube Remove Messaging Feature?

Yes, YouTube removed messaging feature some years back! Because the company wanted people to connect more on public features like video comments and YT stories.

Q3. How To Private Message People On YouTube?

Are you stuck on whether you can message someone on YouTube? So, the answer is no, you can’t directly contact the YouTuber, but some alternative ways will help you with that! For example, email addresses, social media platforms, YouTube stories, live sessions, etc.

Q4. How Do You Message Someone On YouTube In 2022?

We all know we no longer have the private message feature on YouTube. But still, you can interact with people on YouTube with these methods:

  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • YouTube story
  • Livestreams
  • Public comments

Q5. How To Message A YouTuber Via Their Social Media Account?

Yes, you can message your favorite YouTuber via their social media account. This was one of the hacks which we have mentioned above. And to get it, you can visit their channel’s home page. You will see social media account icons on the right side of the screen.


Even though the YouTube DM feature is not accessible anymore, we got some backup! YT is constantly exploring new features for the user now and then. And it has come with interacting features like YouTube stories and live sessions. So now it’s time to get rid of the thoughts on how to message someone on YouTube.

In this blog, we have noted the top five ways to know how can you message someone on YouTube. Here’s a peek:

  • Use their email address
  • Find their social media to connect
  • Comment on the public post
  • Reply to the YouTube story
  • Connect with them on live.

After knowing what you can do about your query, can you message someone on YouTube or not? If you are a creator and want to monetize your YT channel, here, you can learn the top 9 ways to earn money on YouTube!