How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Your favorite YouTube video is deleted? Let's get it back using these 3 super easy hacks!

You are here because you have a question about how to watch deleted YouTube videos, and we have the answer. Every day there are around 3.7 million videos uploaded on this video-sharing platform. And every day, millions of YouTube videos are deleted for various reasons. To begin with, unfortunately, there is no official feature to find deleted YouTube Videos. But, it is not entirely impossible to find and watch YouTube videos that are removed.

So read along, and you will find the super easy ways to watch deleted YouTube videos.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From YouTube?

The reason for the deletion of these videos may vary. Sometimes the YouTuber themselves delete the videos that they feel aren’t working for their channel, and sometimes it’s because of the violation of the community guidelines YouTube removes the video. So let’s see the ultimate hacks to get back your favorite YT videos.

1. Wayback Machine To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

The Wayback Machine, also known as the internet’s machine to the past/ the internet archive, is a third-party tool you can use to recover deleted video from YT. So here’s how to use Wayback Machine to watch deleted YouTube videos.

Wayback Machine To  Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

  • Open YouTube and go to Your Library.
  • Now in the Watch History, find the video deleted from YouTube.
  • Copy the link to the deleted YT video
  • Open a New tab in your browser.
  • And search for Wayback Machine.
  • Now paste the copied link in the box.
  • Tap on Browse history.

Now you will see the video as well as a calendar below the video. On the calendar, you can see the last date and the dates before that; you watched that video. Click on one of the dates, and you will be directed to the YT page and hit play to watch the video. Also, the Wayback time machine can be used on iPhone and Android mobile devices following the same steps mentioned above.

2. Where’s My Video- Chrome Extension

 YouTube Videos Finder chrome extension

These chrome extensions are handy when you want to watch deleted YouTube videos. All you have to do is go to the deleted video on YT and copy the link. And Tap on Find My Video. Once that’s done, let the extension work its magic! It will now go through every link on Google to find the required video. Next, the extension will open the Wayback Machine page with the deleted YouTube video, and you can watch the video by following the steps mentioned above.

3. Search For The Deleted YouTube Videos On Google

If the above methods do not work, we have got you the last but not the least hack from our list. Now even if the video is deleted from YouTube, there’s a possibility that it was uploaded o some other website. You can easily find the deleted YouTube video on another website by searching for the video on Google. All you have to do is open Google and search for the video title. You will see different websites having the video now. Just click on any of them, and you can watch the video there. This proves the statement, “Once anything goes on the Internet, it is there forever.”

Now that you know the secrets of finding deleted YouTube videos, enjoy watching your favorite video, no matter if it was removed from YouTube. And try out the google chrome extension. If that does not work for you, search the video title on Google, and you will easily find the deleted YT video on another website. Finally, feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding how to watch deleted YouTube videos.