What Does Unlisted Mean On YouTube?

What is an unlisted video? What happens when your video is unlisted on YT?

What does unlisted mean on YouTube? At times you do wish to share videos with the world. So, what do you do then? The solution is simple. You can change the YouTube privacy settings to unlisted or private. What is an unlisted YouTube video? What is the difference between private v/s unlisted videos on YouTube? And how safe is it? Let us find out everything you need to know about what does unlisted means on YouTube.

You must have come across some videos on YouTube that is private, public, or unlisted. You can choose these three privacy settings while uploading a video on your YouTube channel.

What Is The Meaning Of Unlisted YouTube Video?

An unlisted video will not appear in search results, suggestions, or video tabs on your channel homepage. There are a few key features you must know about unlisted YT videos:

unlisted yt videos

  1. First, the video’s URL can be shared with anyone.
  2. Anyone with the link can reshare the video.
  3. Third, anyone can see a shared unlisted video without signing into a YT account.
  4. Unless someone adds your unlisted video to a public playlist, it won’t appear in YouTube’s search results.
  5. An unlisted video is still treated as a private video by YT. The video will still be reviewed under Community guidelines for any copyright strike issues.
  6. Unlisted videos are a fantastic method to share private videos with only your close friends and family or to seek feedback on videos from people you can trust before deciding whether or not to make them public.

How To Make A YouTube Video Unlisted? (Desktop)

Now, after knowing the basic difference between private and unlisted. Let us discuss how to make a YT video unlisted. Steps to make a video unlisted:

  • Sign in to your YT account from your desktop.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • Click on YT Studio.

unlisted video on yt

  • Tap on Content

unlisted videos

  • Select a video that you want to make unlisted.

what is unlisted video

  • Tap on the Visibility.
  • From the drop-down menu, select unlisted.

unlisted YT video

  • Press on Save

These are the steps to make a YT video unlisted.

What Is The Difference Between Private v/s Unlisted Videos in 2022?

Let us delve a little further and find out the fundamental difference between YouTube unlisted v/s private videos.

Private: implies that the YouTube video can only be viewed by people you invite (they must have their own Youtube accounts, and the maximum number is 50 usernames). So, if you do have an invite, you cannot send the link to anyone else. No one can watch the video without an invitation.

Unlisted: It is a cross between private and public. As mentioned earlier, any user with a link can view and share the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can subscribers see unlisted videos?

No, unlisted videos do not come up in search or suggestions. It is not displayed in the video playlist of the channel. So, subscribers cannot see unlisted videos.

Q2. Can you see who viewed your unlisted YouTube video?

No, there is no way to find out who viewed your unlisted YT video.

Q3. Can anyone see my private videos on YouTube?

Private videos can only be viewed by people with whom you share the link. You can share links with 50 members. Also, note that the video cannot be further shared or reshared by anyone.

Q4. Can people see my unlisted playlist?

A user who has access to the video’s URL can see the video. Or anyone who has the link can see the video. In addition, YouTube can view the videos to review for any copyrighted content or abuse.

Q5. Can you make an unlisted video public on YouTube?

Yes, you can change the settings of the video anytime you want. Even for the videos, you have already uploaded on your channel a while back.


This was everything from our side!  We have covered everything on What does unlisted mean on YouTube? We have how to make your videos unlisted on the YT channel, along with explaining to you the difference between private v/s unlisted YT videos. You can switch between the three privacy settings as and when you please. To sum up, the blog, follow these steps to make your videos unlisted. Go to YT studio> Select Content> Choose a video> From the visibility, change the privacy setting, and tap to save your changes.

If you want to be sure that your YouTube videos are as secure as possible, it is best to make them private. However, the choice of security level is ultimately up to you. Different privacy settings serve different purposes. As mentioned, content moderation would still apply to all the videos. If you still wish to protect yourself from cyberbullying or negativity in general, you can disable comments on your videos.