Use A Template To Create An Instagram Reel

Create compelling IG reels with templates!

Getting on the Instagram Explore page is every creator’s dream. And to get on to that requires a lot of effort and time for an individual, which working professionals like us do not have. However, this shouldn’t stop you from dreaming bigger, and for that, you must know how to find templates on Instagram.

Instagram offers different IG formats, so you don’t have to go through the editing process to make a reel. With a few clicks, your reel is ready to explore. Use this blog to find templates on Instagram to create multiple IG reels all at once.

How To Find Templates On Instagram?

Using the customized IG templates feature helps you create eye-catching short videos in a minute. You use the same music and timing without much editing. Here’s the guide on how to find templates on Instagram.

1. Open your Instagram and tap on the + icon at the bottom.


2. Swipe right on the slider below and select the reel option. reel option-instagram-steps

3. Tap on the template icon at the top and select the template you want for your IG reel.

find-templates-instagram (2)

4. Now, it’s time to replace the clip with your own. Tap on the ratio option above the add media and choose the pictures you want to include in the reel.

select templates-instagram

5. Once you find templates and select the pictures for Instagram reels, you will see them at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the next button to the photos selected.

find-templates-instagram (3)

6. You will see the preview of your reel created. See if it is how you wanted to make it, and then tap on the next button again at the bottom.

7. You will see the interface you usually encounter before posting the reel. You can edit the reel and add something if you want.

edit instagram reels-steps

8. Then, tap on the next blue button, add a caption, tag people, add location, and finally tap on the share button to upload the reel.

add details-share-IG reels

The number of slides in the template determines how many images and videos you can include in your IG reel.


Using templates to create an IG reel is not just a time saver but also gives you multiple video ideas. If you make Instagram videos from scratch you will have to go through each step but with templates, you just need to select the pictures you feel to add. Remember that the number of pictures or videos you can use depends on the template you choose. If the template has four images, you cannot use more than that while using that particular template. So if you wish to add more content to a reel, choose the template with the highest number of content.

Apart from IG reels, if you are looking for templates for Instagram stories, unfortunately, there’s no such feature offered by the platform. However, you can use online graphic design tools to find aesthetic templates for Instagram stories.