What Is Instagram Creator Account?

Let's understand what makes Instagram creator account different from business.

Instagram is known as a dynamic platform where creativity knows no bounds. The platform has introduced different account options for users, such as personal, professional, business, and creator. Among them, one has been in discussion for a long time: the Instagram creator account. These offer distinct ways for individuals and content creators to interact with their audience and grow their follower count. This blog will explain everything you need about an Instagram creator account to leverage its full benefits.

What Does Instagram Creator Account Mean?

Instagram creator accounts are professional accounts mainly launched for content creators to provide additional benefits. These accounts are more like business accounts but are primarily designed for individuals. Influencers, public figures, content producers, artists, and brands can make an Instagram creator account and access features to improve their visibility. Here’s the list of features that the IG creator account provides.

Features Of An Instagram Creator Account

  • Professional Dashboard
  • Secondary Inbox
  • Scheduling Option
  • Profile Control And Flexibility
  • Shoppable Posts

How To Switch To Creator Account Instagram?

Switching your account to an IG creator account has several benefits. Using the advanced features helps improve your online presence on the platform and gives a better understanding of your growth. Follow the steps to switch to the creator account now.

1. Open your Instagram personal account timeline and go to the hamburger icon. 

2. Head to the settings & privacy option and tap on account type and tools. 

3. Navigate to switch to a professional account and press the continue button.

4. Keep pressing the continue button until you see the “What best describes you?” prompt on the screen to make an Instagram creator account. Here, you have to select a category that gives users an idea of your work. We choose an artist category and tap the Done button. 

5. Press the toggle button next to “Display on profile” above the category if you want to show the account type.

6. Choose the “Creator” option. You will see a prompt for “Switch to a professional account.” Read the guidelines and tap on OK.


Once you are done, your account will be switched to a professional creator account. You can update your account or fill in other details anytime by tapping the “Steps Complete” option on the profile page.

Difference Between Business And Instagram Creator Account

While both accounts seem to have a lot of similarities, comparing them will ensure you’re not missing anything.

Who Should Have What?

Instagram creator accounts are designed for individuals who want to use the platform to showcase their content. Influencers, artists, public figures, and creators are the best examples of them. In comparison, business accounts are retail businesses, public services, brands, and business organizations.

Scheduling Posts

Business and Instagram creator accounts have almost the same features. But, a business account needs to use third-party tools to schedule posts. In comparison, an Instagram creator account already has an in-built scheduling feature.

Profile Categories

Instagram treats Creators and Businesses as distinct entities. Therefore, each type of account has a different profile category, which can be displayed as a label on your profile. You can change the profile categories anytime under settings.

An Instagram creator account allows individuals to grow their online presence and increase followers. A creator account is worth striving for if you struggle to gain followers and grow your page. We have even explained the difference between a business and a creator account so you can select what works for you.