What Is Groovy Bot On Discord?

Does Groovy bot still exist?

Many streamers used Groovy Bot on Discord to manage their channels. Discord facilitates different features for the users to make their Discord journey engaging and entertaining. Getting your hands on every service with your daily routine is challenging, especially as a leading streamer. Therefore, Discord allows you to add bots to the channel and let them handle your servers. Groovy bots were one of those that don’t exist anymore due to copyright infringement from YouTube. This guide explains Groovy bots in detail if you wish to further your knowledge.

What Was Groovy Discord Bot?

Groovy bot was an AI-powered tool to assist you in automating several tasks while playing music on Discord. From welcoming young recruits to removing spammers from the channel, the bot handled everything. The bot had the feature to automatically broadcast tunes and songs through different sources like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Music.

Steps To Join Groovy Bots On Discord

It’s a no-brainer that you would want to join Groovy bots on Discord once you know about it. Fortunately, even if the Groovy Discord bot no longer exists, there’s a way to join the Groovy community and explore more.  

1. Open Discord on your device and make sure you are logged in. In case you are logged out, use Discord credentials to do so.

2. Now, search groovy.bot on the browser.

3. You will see the Support Center button on the screen. Click that.

support center-discord

4.  You will be asked to accept the admin invite to join the Groovy community.

accept invite-discord-groovy bot

5. Once you accept the invitation, the server will be added to your channel. 

Is The Groovy Bot Legal?

Unfortunately, after receiving copyright issues from YouTube, Groovy ended its Discord services. Apparently, Google has notified Groovy about violations of our Terms of Service, including using their services for commercial purposes.

What Replaces Groovy Bot?

Losing the Groovy bot was a real grief until we got some alternatives. Yes! We have recently discovered the top five music bots to get the Groovy vibe back on Discord. Here’s the list:

  • FredBoat
  • MEE6
  • Zandercraft Bot
  • Octave
  • 24/7

Fortunately, these Discord music bots are still up, and you can use them to play music in the background.

Is FredBoat Trustworthy?

Yes. FredBoat is one of the secure and open-source Discord music bots that can be used to manage your channel. This bot is currently rolling over millions of Discord servers.


Enjoying moments while performing the monotonous task on Discord was only possible with Groovy bots. But you don’t need to be disheartened, as fortunately, where Grrovy ended its service, other music bots have been introduced, such as Rhythm Bots.  Unlike the Groovy bot, it features an in-built library, providing music of all genres.

Discord music bots haven’t existed for a long time, as they usually use the content of others. So, if you want, you can use them until they end their service, but playing YouTube music directly will also work if you like the music in the background.