How To Use Phone As Webcam For Discord?

Now you can turn your phone into a webcam. Know how!

Streaming on Discord is more enjoyable if you have a better camera quality. Knowing how to use phone as webcam for Discord makes it possible.

No matter what computer you have, they cannot match the quality of the phone’s camera. These days, even companies focus on advancing phone lenses rather than computers. But using the phone as a webcam can give you top-notch video quality for streaming. Here’s how to use phone as webcam for Discord using third-party tools to provide first-class streaming quality to your viewers.

Use Your Phone As A Webcam For Discord

To use your phone as a webcam, you need to download a third-party application. Multiple tools are available online, like Droidcam for Android, iOS, and Windows, and EpocCam, mainly for iOS devices. These tools are available on Google Play and App Store. Ensure that you install both the tools on your phone and your computer. Follow the steps once you install the tools on the devices.

1. Open the DroidCam on your phone.

2. You will see the WiFi IP and DroidCam Port address to use on the desktop app. Copy the IP addresses.


3. Ensure that you give access to your camera and microphone to use your phone as a webcam for Discord.

4. Now, launch the DroidCam app on your desktop.

5. Insert the device IP address and port. 


6. Ensure you check the audio and video options and click on the start button. 

Your phone becomes the webcam for your computer once you are done with the process. Now, you need to change the setting on Discord to use your phone as a webcam.

1. Open the Discord on your desktop to test the tool.

2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom.

3. Click on the voice & video option on the left panel of the application.

discord-voice & video-phone-webcam

4. Under the camera option, click on the dropdown next to the integrated camera.

5. Choose the Droidcam virtual audio option from the menu and keep it as an input device.

6. When you are done, hit the ESC button to return to the main screen.

Is It Safe To Use Droidcam To Make Your Phone Webcam For Discord?

Yes. Since Droidcam does not collect personal information about its users, it is considered safe to install and use. Other than that, the tool enables audio and video data to be streamed directly to connected devices.


Using the phone as a webcam is convenient and cost-effective, enhancing camera resolution. Now that you already know how to use phone as webcam for Discord, remember to choose reliable third-party tools to avoid cyber threats. To keep the connection between mobile and computer smooth, use a suitable USB or wireless solid port. With that, if you want to know how to stream Crunchyroll on Discord, here’s how you can.