What Are Twitch Hype Trains?

Lets you support the streamer you love

What are Twitch hype trains? If you are a streamer who wants to show some love towards your favorite streamer or Creator, you can come together as a community and cheer the Creator up. This encouragement is called to ‘hype up the stream.’ As the name suggests, hype train Twitch is a feature available on the platform to encourage and support streamers.

Let us understand everything there is need to know about hype train Twitch.

How Does A Hype Train On Twitch Work?

First things first, let us get this out of the way. As a viewer, Creator, or MOD,  you cannot directly start a hype train. You must be an Affiliate/ Twitch Partner to create a hype train and customize the levels and emote settings through the dashboard. 

A Twitch hype train organically appears on the stream created by the viewers. When a hype train starts on the platform, the notification appears at the top of the stream page.

Several community members must contribute together at once to subscribe, donate, or gift a subscription to launch a hype train. But the parameters must be followed within 5 minutes to kick off the Twitch Hype train from your settings. As the time limit is configurable, the minimum value is 3 while the maximum is 25. When the required value is crossed, a Hype-o-Meter indicator will appear at the top of the chat.

As the hype-o-meter value increases, the levels of the hype train keep increasing. There are, in total, 5 levels of a hype train on Twitch. To cross each level requires a certain fixed number of subscriptions or Bits to reach the next level. For example, 4 subscriptions and 1600 Bits are needed to cross the first level.

Based on the level crossed by the viewers, after the hype train ends, the participating viewers will be awarded a special Twitch hype train emote. Creators with a large streamer following can even personalize hype train emotes from the list of emotes available. In total, there is a set of 5 emotes at each level cleared by the viewers.

From Super hard to insane, there are various difficulty levels. According to the contribution made by the viewers to push forward the hype train, they will be rewarded with emotes and earn hype train conductors alongside the emotes. The Twitch hype train emotes 2023 are frequently updated on the platform. Additionally, the viewers also get a chance to earn bonus emotes if the streamer has set the difficulty level high, i.e., on insane.

How To Manage Hype Train As A Streamer?

Once you have become a Twitch partner or an Affiliate, you will manage the hype train settings through your dashboard.

hype train on twitch

Streamers can establish their goals, adjust kickoff threshold or cooldown durations, or deactivate this event for their channel completely. Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand the setup and management of hype trains.

  • Through the Creator’s dashboard, go to revenue> Monetization settings.
  • Streamers can enable/disable the hype train on Twitch.
  • You can also enable/disable Autopilot. 
  •  To modify the threshold needed to activate a Hype Train, navigate to the section titled “Hype Train” inside your Partner / Affiliate Settings. Use the slider on the Supporting Events tab to find the Kickoff Threshold. Make a selection of 3–25 events.
  • Your channel’s Hype Train’s difficulty may be adjusted in the Partner / Affiliate Settings > Hype Train menu.
  • You may adjust the time between Hype Trains in your Partner / Affiliate Settings > Hype Trains menu.

Twitch Hype trains are an excellent method to increase your viewership and subscriber count, and your audience will enjoy showing off by repeatedly using train emotes and earning different badges. Make the Hype Train something to look forward to as a unique experience.