How To See Who Liked Your Instagram Story?

Understand your audience using the Instagram story like feature!

Instagram has introduced its latest story feature for users to send a heart whenever they like someone’s story. It’s just like liking the IG post. Yes! Earlier users could only like your posts, and it’s easy to see who are those under the IG posts. But how to see who liked your Instagram story?

The features let your followers interact with your content more on Instagram using the send messages feature on stories. And now we also have the cute heart shape button next to it: another way for your viewers to tell your content is intriguing.

Use this guide to learn how to see who liked your Instagram story to create likeable content and grow your IG page faster.

How To See Who Liked Your Instagram Story?

Seeing who liked your Instagram story is like watching who viewed your story. You will see the little heart emoji on the profile of people who liked your IG story.

There are two ways to see who liked your IG story: on the story or under the notification section. Here, we have explained how to see the likes using both methods. 

Method 1

1. Open Instagram and head to the story option at the top left of the screen. Make sure you’ve already posted a story.


2. Tap the activity option at the bottom left to see the viewers’ list. You will see heart emojis on the profile of those who have liked your stories.


Method 2.

1. Open your Instagram and navigate to the notification section (looks like a heart again) at the top.


2. Instagram will show the username of those who liked your stories. Clicking on that notification will direct you to the IG story they have responded to.


How To Like An Instagram Story?

To like an Instagram story, you need to tap on the heart icon between the “send message” option and the “share icon” on the IG stories. This feature enables you to share your positive sentiments on other’s stories.

How To Reply When Someone Likes Your Story On Instagram?

When you replied or reshared the stories earlier, it was always shown in the DMs. But Instagram story-likes are different. It doesn’t appear in the direct message but in the notification sections. So, the only way to reply to people who liked your IG story is to send a direct message to the respective person and show gratitude.

How Do You See Who Liked Your Story On Instagram After 24 Hours?

It’s possible to have a busy day and be unable to see who viewed or liked your Instagram story. But fret not, as IG lets you see who has liked your Instagram story after 24 hours under archives.

Instagram story likes are a private feature, as only the owner can see the list of people who like your IG stories. Knowing what your audience likes is significant if you want to boost your IG page. Now that you know how to see who liked your Instagram story, keep your eye on the professional dashboard to estimate the insights of account reach.