How To Share Location On Snapchat?

Share your whereabouts with friends!

Snapchat is a popular messaging platform that allows users to capture and share memories with their loved ones. So, while sending a snap to the restaurant you are dining in, if you wish to share the location as well, you must know how to share location on Snapchat.

Earlier, the application entitled its users to see their friends’ locations on Snap map. But now it lets you share your live location secretly with an individual. However, before you share location on Snapchat with your homies, know that Snapchat has introduced this feature for trusted friends and family.

Steps To Share Location On Snapchat? (iPhone)

Sending location on Snapchat is similar to sharing it on WhatsApp. You can choose the duration of the live location and stop sharing whenever you wish to. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to send location on Snapchat.

1. Open Snapchat and head to the “Chat History” icon.

snapchat-chat history page

2. Long-press on the user name you want to send the location to and tap on “View Friendship” below the username to share the location with Snapchat friend.

view friendship-snapchat-steps

3. Scroll down and tap on the “Send Map” section. Tap on the “Share My Live Location” option.

4. You will see a prompt conveying the purpose of introducing the feature. Once you are done reading that, tap on the “Sound Good” button.

share location on snapchat

5. Choose the duration of the live location from the available options. This will help your friend see your real-time location for your chosen duration.

share location on snapchat (2)

6. As you choose the duration, the location will be shared with your friend. If you want to stop sharing your whereabouts, open the chat and tap the “Stop Sharing” button.

share location on snapchat

Can I Share My Snapchat Location With Only One Person?

Yes. Snapchat enables you to send location only to the person you wish. The abovementioned steps are about sharing the location with only one person at a time. You can also stop sharing whenever you want.

Does Snapchat Show Who Viewed Your Location?

No. Snapchat doesn’t show who viewed your location on Snapchat. However, to find out whether your friend has seen the shared live location, you can simply open their chat page. If you see “opened”, they have already seen it, and if “Delivered”, they are yet to open the snap.

Once you choose the duration, the location will be shared with your friend. If you select “Always” from the duration, keep your Snapchat notification and location turned on to avoid further hassle.

Snapchat focuses on creating exclusive features for users while prioritising their privacy. So now that you know how to share location on Snapchat, be sure to send it to someone you trust. The platform notifies users if you take a screenshot of their shared location. So instead of taking SS, you can screen record the location to refer to subsequently or inform the person that you are taking screenshots.