How To Add Link To Facebook Story?

Now promote your website and online business to your Facebook stories!

Facebook as a social media platform, has grown a lot. Along with being a channel to connect people, it’s now one of the most powerful marketing tools. Their platform’s latest feature is adding a link to the Facebook story. Driving the social media audience to your website is challenging, and Facebook has just made it easier for businesses to add links to the story!

Understanding how to add links to Facebook stories is crucial to getting the most from your story posts. This might sound complicated, but this guide will help add links to a Facebook story.

How To Post A Link On Facebook Story? (iOS and Android)

The basic functionality to add a link to the FB story is, copying and pasting the link you want to add to the story. But you cannot add a clickable URL directly from your personal account. However, we have a workaround. You can only add clickable links to your Facebook story from your FB page. These are the most used ways to add a link to your story.

Post Link On Story Using Instagram

This workaround is one of the best to use as it is easy to connect Instagram and Facebook. Here’s how you can use an IG story to share a link on FB story.

  • Open Instagram, go to the stories section and tap the settings icon.

Instagram stories settings to add a URL to Facebook story

  • Tap story at the top and then toggle on share your story to Facebook. 

toggle on share your story to Facebook. 

  • Now go back to the camera section and create a story with the link sticker.
  • Add the link you want and tap on Your stories at the bottom.

create a story with the link sticker

Now your IG story with a clickable link will automatically be posted on your personal Facebook account (or whatever FB account/page) you have linked to Instagram.

clickable URL story posted personal Facebook account

If you missed adding an essential piece of information, you can delete the story and follow the whole process again.

Share A Link on FB Story Using WhatsApp Status

This is another way to add a link to a Facebook story. Also, it is very straightforward, and you do not have to connect your Facebook and necessarily WhatsApp accounts. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the status tab.
  • Now, Create a Status by tapping on the pen icon at the bottom right.
  • Paste the link you want and share the status on Whatsapp.
  • Once the status is live, tap on a green button saying Share it to the Facebook story.
  • Tap share now, and your story will be posted on Facebook.

This won’t be a clickable URL, but your friends and Facebook followers can still see the link on your story.

Switch To Your Facebook Page To Add A URL To Story

  • Go to your Facebook profile and tap your profile picture on the top right.
  • Select your FB page and tap on create a story.

Switch to Facebook Page Create a story

  • Next, add your content and tap on the link icon on the right.
  • Paste the link and share the story.

Add URL to story 

  • Now the viewers can swipe on your story and be directed to the link you have added.

tap share to FB story

How To Share A Link On FB Story? (Desktop)

First, posting a Facebook story with a clickable link from your mobile will display on the desktop. But the catch is the link won’t be clickable on the desktop FB story. However, you can Switch to your Facebook page and share a clickable URL on your Facebook story on your desktop. You can also try another way to add a link to the Facebook story.

Post A URL On Story From Your FB Page

Since you cannot post a clickable link from your personal account, you need to switch to your FB page. Once you open the page, here is what you need to do next:

  • Open Facebook on your browser and click on create a story.
  • Now you can choose between a photo story or a page story.
  • Now add your content or your photo from your folder.
  • Next, click the add button on the left and select the call to action you want to display.

Here are some Additional points you should remember while adding CTA to your FB story.

  1. If you select the view shop button, the viewers will be directed to your Facebook shop.
  2. And if you choose the web link button, you have further options such as shop now, learn more, see more, and book now.
  3. Here you can paste your website link, and the viewers can click on it, and your audience will be directed to your website.
  4. Finally, once you are ready with your story, click share now to post the story with the link.

Use Facebook Share URL To Post The Story With A Link

If you use this method, the link won’t be clickable. However, users can still see the link on your story. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open your browser and paste this link in the address bar.
  • Now in the place of ‘yourlinkhere,’ paste the link you want to share on the FB story.

This method only works for your Facebook personal account. Your FB page is exempted from this method.

  • Click continue in the dialog box on the next page and choose your story.
  • Now Click on Post to Facebook at the bottom and close the tab.
  • Now, open the Facebook website, and the story is posted with a URL.

How To Put A YouTube Video URL On FB Story?

One way to share a YouTube video URL on the Facebook story is by copying the URL and manually pasting it into your story. This is the most commonly used method. But another way is by sharing the video and posting it directly on the FB story. So let’s see how you can share the video now to your Facebook story:

  • Open Facebook and ensure that you have logged in from your personal account.
  • Now go to YouTube, open the video you want, and tap on the share icon below the video.
  • Choose Facebook and select Your story.
  • Click on Post to Facebook at the bottom, and that’s it!

On the YouTube mobile app, you do not have the option to share the YT video link to the Facebook story. Therefore you will have to copy-paste the link on your FB story manually.

So, here’s every possible way to add a link to the Facebook story using your mobile and desktop. Businesses consider adding links to one of their services or goods to increase interaction, solidify their relationship with potential customers, and raise brand recognition. Facebook stories are different from the standard posts you read. It prominently displays at the top of users’ feeds and is the most clicked and viewed section on FB.

Although Facebook doesn’t offer a feature that allows you to post a story with a clickable link from your account, you can utilize several workarounds.