How To Delete Group On Facebook?

How To Delete Group On Facebook Using Browser And Mobile App?

Learn how to delete group on Facebook in this article. To delete a group, you must be the group creator to delete the members first and then the group. If the group creator has left or you are the group creator, you can remove your Facebook group by deleting all the members first, then yourself. It will be immediately terminated when no more members are in the group.  Let me show the steps on how to delete a group on Facebook.

How To Delete Group On Facebook As Admin?

There is a difference between admin and group owner. Only the owner can delete the group, whereas the admin can only archive a group, which means that the Facebook group can no longer be visible or seen to non-members, and no new members can join the group. 

The group admin can delete the group under one circumstance if the owner leaves the group first.  

Follow these steps to delete the FB group using a web browser and mobile.

How To Delete A Facebook Group With Thousand Members Using a Web Browser? 

How To Delete FB group

  • Launch the FB website and choose groups on the home page from your feed.
  • Next, select the group that you want to remove from the list.
  • Then, start by deleting the group members below the group’s name.

Delete FB group

  • Click on More next to each member’s name and select “remove from group.” 
  • Click on Confirm.
  • Finally, after removing all the members from the group, select ‘Leave Group’ and then ‘Leave & Delete.’

Instead of dissolving the group, you may remove the admin if the person in charge of the group is wrong, according to other Facebook group members. This will save the group the trouble of creating a new group and adding members.

How To Delete My Facebook Group On The Mobile App?

To delete a group on FB, you will find Groups in the app’s home page menu.

Delete FB group

  • From your phone, open the Facebook app. Then click “Groups” from the “Menu” menu.
  • To see all of your groups, choose “See All” next to “Your Groups,” then “See All” again beneath “Groups you Manage.”
  • Open the group you’d like to remove.
  •  Tap the group’s name, then “See All” to see the whole list of members.

How To Delete group on FB

  • Next, you tap on their name and select “Remove Member.”
  •  After everyone has been removed from the group, select“Leave Group” from the drop-down menu next to your name. Facebook will remove the group after you quit it. “Leave and Delete” is the option you will choose.

Here, you noticed how to delete group on Facebook in the following ways:

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Assuming you already know the steps to create a FB group on messenger. In the next section, we will go through the steps of how to delete group chat in Messenger.

How To Delete Group Chat In Messenger?

To delete group chat on messenger, follow these instructions to remove members and delete the group:

  • First, open the Messenger app on the smartphone.
  • From the chats menu, tap on the group you want to delete.

delete group chat in messenger

  • Tap on the Group name of the chat
  • This option will display all the information about the chat. Tap to see all the group members

messenger chats

  • Tap on individual members to delete them from the group

delete group on messenger

  • Remove each member from the group. Once you delete everyone, only you will remain.

remove group members from group chat

  • In the last step, you can leave the group.

leave group chat on messenger

Once you leave the group, your chats will automatically delete it. To delete a group chat in messenger, you must be the group’s admin. There is also a way to recover deleted messages on Messenger if you wish to retrieve messages before deleting the group.

Why Can’t I Remove Members From My Facebook Group?

To remove members from the group, it is a must for you to be an admin.

Can I Block A Group On Facebook?

Yes, you can block a group on Facebook. Choose the group you want to block from the groups you follow. Next, click the Joined Button on the right side> From the down-drop menu,> select unfollow group. This will block the group, and you will not receive any updates in your feed.

How Do I Delete A Group On Facebook On My Iphone?

To delete group on Facebook on your iPhone. Follow these instructions: Tap on groups> Select members> Confirm> Delete Group

What Does Archiving A Facebook Group Do?

When you archive a group, no new members can be added; the current members cannot comment or like any posts. There will not be any further activity in the group. The particular group will be only for viewing purposes. Therefore, it is better to archive the group than to delete it.

Are Members Notified When Removed From A Facebook Group?

No members are not notified when they are removed from the group.

These methods will permanently delete a Facebook group. This article also covers how to remove messenger group chats. After terminating the group, you cannot rejoin it. When you remove a group, members won’t be notified. There is another alternative if you do not want to delete the entire group, you can choose to remove the admin from the group.