How To Delete Watched Videos on Facebook?

Clear Videos You've Watched On Facebook in one go.

Worried someone will snoop through your Facebook watch history? Don’t worry, if you know how to delete watched videos on Facebook, you will be able to hide the videos you have seen!

The Facebook Watch section has become the go-to location to discover videos throughout Facebook, from live events to TV series, sports news, and music videos. However, the FB Watch section has a tendency to save your data. So make it a practice to delete Facebook video watch history before it becomes a too long and tedious affair.

Here’s how to delete watched videos on Facebook!

How To Delete Facebook Video History?

You can quickly clear the watched videos history on Facebook by going to the activity log in Settings. Facebook saves your every action and interaction in the activity log. From what you search to how you search it, everything is stored in the Activity Log, which only you can see. But if you still want to clear it, then there is a way to view and delete watched videos history on Facebook at once:

Delete Watched Videos History On Facebook From iPhone

  • Open Facebook App
  • Navigate to the hamburger icon. 
  • Go to Settings & Privacy
  • Next, tap on Settings
  • Tap on Activity Log, under Your Facebook information section

delete facebook watched videos history

  • Scroll down to find Logged Actions and Other Activity
  • Select “Videos you’ve watched.”
  • Tap on Clear Watch history at the top
  • Confirm your decision to delete your watched video history by tapping on “clear.

clear facebook watch history iphone

Once you tap on clear, you will receive a notification notifying you that it will take some time to delete your FB video watch history, depending on the number of videos in your watch history list.

Delete Videos You’ve Watched On Facebook From Computer

  • Go to and log in with your FB credentials.
  • Click on the small down arrow in the top right corner
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Click on Activity Log 
  • Select Logged Actions and Other Activity

delete facebook watch history

  • Select “Videos you’ve watched.”
  • Click on Clear Watch history at the top.
  • Select “Clear Video Watch History” from the pop-up box asking for confirmation

delete facebook watch history at once

The videos will not be deleted immediately. If you keep clicking on the “Clear Watch history” option, you might get a query error. There’s no need to panic; just leave the screen alone for some time. Refresh the page later, and your watched video history on FB will be cleared. You will find “Nothing to Show” on the screen instead of your watch history.

clear facebook watch history

Hack: Due to the changed layout of Facebook on the browser if you don’t find any settinng, You can simply search it in the search bar and you will be taken to that Facebook setting directly.

You can also video search history on Facebook and cover all your tracks perfectly.

How To Clear Facebook Watch Search History?

If you wish to clear your video search history as well, instead of going to “Videos You’ve watched,” tap on “Videos you’ve searched” or “Search history” from your “Logged Actions and Other Activity” section. Facebook stores our smallest of activities on the platform to better understand our behavior and customize our experience on the platform.

Under “Logged Actions and Other Activity,” you will find tabs like Voice interactions, image search, News articles you’ve opened, live videos you’ve watched, etc. Every interaction you’ve had with the platform in any way is categorized and stored on Facebook.

remove videos watched on facebook

According to Facebook, only you can access this information and even delete it if needed. Any information about your activity on Facebook that you don’t want around can be removed by following the steps we mentioned above.

The steps to delete video watch history on Facebook are the same for all mobile phones and the website. The options are the same; they are located in different locations depending on the device you are using. If you can’t find the option to delete the watched videos on your mobile app, update your app or open Facebook on a browser to find this time-saving option to clear all your watched videos on Facebook at once. Also, if want to keep your browsing on FB private, then you must clear your search history.