How To Find Facebook URL?

What is URL on Facebook?

Finding URLs for your social media platform is a very straightforward process. For example, Facebook URLs can help give your brand page a little push in promoting your brand and finding potential customers for your business. So that brings us to how to find Facebook URL.

We will cover how to find Facebook URL from your desktop and smartphone, respectively. Also, if you are concerned about how do I find my Facebook URL on the profile page, so, worry not; we will demonstrate how to locate the URL from the address bar of your profile page.

How To Find Facebook URLs On Mobile? (Android & iOS)

FB as a portal has a unique identification for every profile page on the social media platform: its URL. So every FB page has a URL, whether a personal page, a business, or a brand. The precise steps to look for a URL will cover how to get a Facebook URL for your profile and another person’s FB URL.

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device, then go to your profile page on the app.

FB URL mobile

  • In the second step, tap the three dots between the friends and the message.
  •  Now, scroll down, and you will see ‘Your Profile Link’ and the URL of your FB profile, and you can copy the link to share with others.

how to find URL on FB

How To Find FB Link On Desktop?

Through the web browser, finding the profile link can be done in easy steps.

  • From the Google browser, log in to your FB account.
  • From the home page, on the left side of the account, tap on your name

FB url on desktop

  • The profile’s URL is displayed on the browser’s address bar.

Facebook profile URL

  • To send the profile link to your friends or colleagues, copy the link and send it across.

How To Find My FB Business Page URL? (Browser)

Coming to professional brand and business pages, hers are the steps to find FB business page URLs.

  • Once you’ve signed in, tap on the profile image from the far right of the page and switch to the business page.

how to get FB url for business page

  • The address bar will display the URL for the professional page.

FB url for business page

The other alternative to copy and paste the URL is to use keyboard shortcuts by pressing CTRL C and CTRL V on your laptop to send the link to other followers and potential customers to increase activity on the FB page and grow your audience.

With this, we complete the steps on how to find Facebook URL on your mobile app and desktop in just a few taps. This workaround is perfect if you want to send your profile’s contact information to friends to access your FB page easily and follow your content. Also, learn how to find FB post links to share with others.